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  1. Crowley

    Germany Lifts Travel Ban To Sharm

    Good news at last - earlier this week the German government removed the travel ban to Sharm El Sheikh airport, and have advised tour operators to consider restarting flights. It will take several months before anything happens as flights are scheduled months in advance and all the aircraft are...
  2. Crowley

    Amiloride Hydrochloride

    Hi there, I have a potential student who is taking Amiloride HCl for a low potassium problem to deal with a rare condition called Gitelman's syndrome. All the information I can find suggests that this is a big no-no for scuba diving given that it is also a high blood pressure medication, but I...
  3. Crowley

    Introducing the New Boy

    Hi Folks, Some of you may know me as a serial poster in the Red Sea forum, or maybe have read my blogs, or generally disagreed with me about some thing or other, but I recently left Sharm El Sheikh and have moved to Nusa Lembongan off the coast of Bali where I am just finding my feet as the new...
  4. Crowley

    So Long Red Sea and Thanks For All the Fish

    I finally found my way back to SB after taking a leave of absence, mostly because I was stuck in the UK not doing anything. I left Sharm at the end of February, and I have to say, that was the right decision for me. I will miss some of the diving, but I clocked up well over 1500 dives there (at...
  5. Crowley

    Horrible. Just Horrible...

    These pictures were posted on Facebook yesterday. The culprits have been identified by HEPCA as the Golden Dolphin Safaris. And they call themselves divers. It's just SICK! C.
  6. Crowley

    Oriental Rivoli! Shame On You! Shark Meat On The Buffet!?

    These have been around facebook a lot already but if you haven't seen them, please see my latest blog for the report about two sharks on display in Sharm - one in a supermarket, another in the Oriental Rivoli Hotel! *angry* Crowley
  7. Crowley

    Had Enough - I'm outta here!

    Well folks, My time in Sharm is drawing to an end - see my new blog post. Please note that this is about what it's become like to live here, rather than visit for a holiday, which I most certainly intend to do in the future. The diving is still awesome, and there are plenty of quality dive...
  8. Crowley

    Your thoughts about visiting the Egyptian Red Sea

    I made a similar request last year after the revolution but as we come into high season, I'd like to ask how past, present and potential visitors feel about coming to Egypt for their holidays. Even the non-diving package tourism. We've taken a massive hit since the dizzy peaks of 2010 before...
  9. Crowley

    New Edition of the Equalizer magazine

    Issue 11 of Samaka's online magazine featuring other Red Sea Scubaboarders such as DiveBunnie and yours truly is now available - click on my signature for the link to download. Send it to your friends! :D Cheers C.
  10. Crowley

    The Revolution - 1 Year On

    So - unless you've had your head buried in the sand for the last year - you'll probably remember that there was a Revolution in Egypt last year - and today, January 25th, marks the anniversary of the first staged protest. I'm not really sure what to think at this exact moment - the crowds are...
  11. Crowley

    Thoughts on the future of Sharm

    In the last couple of months, a frequent subject of discussion around the beer table after work has been the potential effect of the current ongoing political transition on us, that is to say, the foreign dive staff in Sharm El Sheikh. I've spoken to people from a number of different centres...
  12. Crowley

    How do I edit my blog posts

    After posting to my 'blog I don't seem to be able to find a way to edit them afterwards - do I have to delete and re-post or am I missing something? Thanks in advance C.
  13. Crowley

    CDWS dissolved...?

    I am reliably informed that the CDWS, as of yesterday, no longer exists. I have yet to get independent confirmation and so far there has been no official press release from the CDWS. What I have been told is that the current Egyptian "government" has declared that the CDWS was a product...
  14. Crowley

    Crowley's Blog

    So - I've been meaning/threatening to do this for a while, but wasn't sure how it would be received. After posting a great deal after the shark attacks in December last year and the recent political revolution in Egypt, I've received a lot of feedback from my posts and the way that I write them...
  15. Crowley

    Red Sea Wildlife Report

    Thought I'd resurrect this from last year because it's become rather interesting here in Sharm in the last few weeks. The water is just starting to warm up and has brought with the the Mantas from the previous post - saw a huge one (well, huge for Sharm), easily over 3m wingspan, at Ras...
  16. Crowley

    Work permit situation and a ramble

    I heard this today... we are not 100% certain how things will pan out but at the moment the situation for non-Egyptian dive staff is this: Existing work permits can be renewed at a cost of 2000 Egyptian Pounds (LE) - approximately 230 Euros at the moment. New Work permits will be maybe...
  17. Crowley

    Mantas are back in Sharm!

    Yay! Regular sightings at Ras Umm El Sid and I saw one yesterday at Tower. The water is full of plankton so it can't be long until the whale sharks sniff their way back here; the emperors are gathering at Jackfish Alley and a few progressive snappers have been suspiciously hanging about at...
  18. Crowley

    New Edition of The Equalizer Magazine

    I assume Samaka is still on tour somewhere, so in his absence: The new edition of the Equalizer Magazine is available to download - click on my signature! Cheers Crowley
  19. Crowley

    A BIG Thank You

    Dear everybody, Well - it looks like the worst of it is over. This week, guests have finally started arriving in numbers significant enough to keep more than a just a couple of members of staff busy on a daily basis. Today we put out two boats, tomorrow three, and the future is looking...
  20. Crowley

    sticky posts

    Hi all there are a couple of posts in the Red Sea forum I would like to politely ask are made sticky - one is a shark project that I am starting and the other is a personal blog that other members have requested I write. Our forum moderator seems to be mostly inactive and I would like that...
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