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  1. GrafCanuck

    Trip Report Bonaire: Den Laman and Dive Friends, October 20-November 3, 2021

    Thanks for this terrific read. Heading to the Sand Dollar in the new year. Yahoo.
  2. GrafCanuck

    Monthly Vacation Rental in Bonaire

    My wife and I have been going to Bonaire since 2018, excluding 2020 & 2021. We are now both retired and would like to spend a month on the island early in 2022. Ideally we are looking for a 1 bedroom with full kitchen and either on the ocean or at least with ocean views. Preference is to be...
  3. GrafCanuck

    Does Bonaire have similar sea life and less boats/jet skis than Curacao?

    Have been to Curacao 4 times and Bonaire twice over the past 5 years. Love both islands. They are very different. Bonaire is a divers island. No other island in the Caribbean is a diver's island. Sea life is pretty well the same on both Bonaire and Curacao, IMO. Significantly more shores...
  4. GrafCanuck

    Greetings from Vancouver

    Welcome to the Board fellow Canucker.
  5. GrafCanuck

    New A Diver's Life Video - Wrecks, Rubble, and Reef

    Thanks for sharing. I haven't been to Bonaire since 2019 and miss the island.
  6. GrafCanuck

    Sites for night dives

    Something Special at the north part of town.
  7. GrafCanuck

    Greetings from Bonaire

    Bon bini to the Board from Canada. Bonaire is my favourite dive destination and look forward to being there in 2021.
  8. GrafCanuck

    Greetings from Quebec CANADA

    Welcome to the Board.
  9. GrafCanuck

    Hi all, from Ottawa

    Welcome Graham to the Board from another Canuck.
  10. GrafCanuck

    Hi from Barrie, Ontario Canada

    Welcome to the Board fellow Canucker. This Board is a terrific source of scuba information and advice. Enjoy and dive safe. Ps - It's never too late to learn how to dive.
  11. GrafCanuck

    Heyyy from Toronto

    Welcome to the Board Marc. I also never liked my pool OW sessions.
  12. GrafCanuck

    Priority of skills to master for new divers

    Many things to master and some take a very long time. Here are my top 5 and in no particular order. * Trim/Buoyancy > not focused on in the OW but definitely in the AOW; this gets better with experience * Breathing control > allows you to control your trim/buoyancy and usage; critical and will...
  13. GrafCanuck

    Sarnia St. Clair River Dives

    Thanks for the advice.
  14. GrafCanuck

    Sarnia St. Clair River Dives

    100% agreed.
  15. GrafCanuck

    Sarnia St. Clair River Dives

    Just sent you a PM.
  16. GrafCanuck

    Sarnia St. Clair River Dives

  17. GrafCanuck

    Sarnia St. Clair River Dives

    Moved recently to west London. Does anyone dive the St Clair River in Sarnia these days. I've heard of the SUC but their Facebook page is over a year old.
  18. GrafCanuck

    Centeen Park Brockville

    Yes. Water is in the 15-20 foot range. I was last there in August 2018. If there is a class or a lot of other divers, the water at Canteen gets murky and the viz is a few feet.
  19. GrafCanuck

    New Diver, First Computer

    After a few years of renting a DW, and months of analyzing I finally went for a used Petrel 2. Love it. So much better than the basic Mares and Suuntos that you rent at the dive shop. Best scuba equipment investment I've made to-date. Knock on wood.
  20. GrafCanuck

    Consumer Reports for scuba equipment?

    ScubaBoard is my version of Consumer Reports for scuba gear and dive vacations. Lots of personal opinions on here which is a good thing. My recommendation is to stick with the name brands. Consider used equipment from a friend or reputable person. Also rent gear and try it out. I have...
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