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  1. DocWong

    Oriskany tips?

    That's awesome, have a great time. I'm bringing a group of buddies from Nor Cal for next year. We'll bring scooters and doubles. Are there shops in Pensicola that have Helium?
  2. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    So we had a wonderful time diving in the keys. Turned out we started in Miami and dove out of Miami which was pretty fun as there are some smaller wrecks. I managed to find a few experienced dive buddies so we dive to much of wrecks in Miami. Then we went down to Key Largo and I ended up...
  3. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    LOL, yea, that’s me ;-0. Maybe I’ll do a DocWong Motorcycle Riding Clinic while I’m at it…hmm how to ride slow while under the influence? Actually, I would love to ride underwater with a DPV scooter all thru the Vandenberg! I almost bought a diveX Blacktip for the occasion!
  4. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    Wow, ok will do!
  5. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    Awesome, I'll check that out!
  6. DocWong

    Video - Spiegel Grove Snoopy Passageway FRI 7/16/21

    You might enjoy this better: Not a tech dive with penetration, but I like to sling an extra bottle just in case. I've had to air share a couple of times to get some divers safely to the surface before.
  7. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    Awesome, I'll check that out. So after speaking to my wife, she's not so enthusiastic about spending most of our time diving the Vandenberg. So I've decided to instead fly to Miami, rent a car and stay in various places in the Keys. Key Largo and Key West are a given. Any suggestions on...
  8. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    Also, is there any decent shore dives in the Key West area?
  9. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    Great, thanks for all the feedback! I'm making calls now for car rental, diving and hotels. My main goal is to make it fun for my we can come back and do more diving. ;-) I've had many dives on the Spiegel Grove, Dwane, Bib in Key Largo and look forward to diving the Vandenberg for...
  10. DocWong

    Keywest Dive and Accomodations Recommendations Needed

    Hi, my wife and I will be at Key West for a few days in September and would appreciate diving and accommodation recommendations. She would like medium high level hotels and I would like to know where to dive. Diving experience: over 1000 dives in the SF Bay Area, scooters, tech, etc. My wife...
  11. DocWong

    Entry/exit procedures for Monastery Beach with a camera

    Yes, on rougher days, it's best to hand your camera to your buddy waiting beyond the break zone and after you get out, take off your gear and swim out the bring your camera back in. It's amazing how much easier it is to maneuver with out gear. That sign we designed years ago after a series of...
  12. DocWong

    T handle upgrade

    How true, thanks for making parts that allow for more choices!
  13. DocWong

    Warning for Monterey Divers (especially women): Beware of Fred

    well...I'm still here and still diving. My wife has just started and I'm sorting out her equipment. Just got her a drysuit so hopefully she can have a warm and fun Monterey dive. We've done a bunch of warm water dives and she likes that. Hopefully she'll take to Monterey diving! But...
  14. DocWong

    Diving inside SF Bay?

    Yea, I agree, diving in the bay is not so inviting. I have a patient that lives in Moss Beach who dives regularly in Monterey and he said on very calm days he's gone and dived Moss Beach, just south of Pacifica. Not in the bay but closer than Monterey.
  15. DocWong

    Bay Area Sdi/tdi Instructor Wanted

    What I love about getting GUE trained is that it's very easy to interface with other GUE trained groups. The other year, I was in south Florida and dived with a group of divers doing wreck dives. It was pretty challenging diving in currents with live boat drops and coordination of groups in...
  16. DocWong

    Pt. Lobos In Late May / Early June

    Yes, you can leave the park and then go back in if you want. I've done that a few times over the years and it's never been a problem. Just show them your tag or receipt. Also, if you're not so familiar with Point Lobos, just do down the ramp, head NE and you'll hit middle reef at about 20...
  17. DocWong

    Monterey conditions. (let's keep it going )

    Last Sunday was awesome. We had up to 80' of viz out at Thumbs Up which was reachable by boat or scooter. Cold, though, I registered 47 degrees. burr....
  18. DocWong

    T handle upgrade

    I'd be very curious to see how they dive because I consider the original to be more ergonomically set up than any other handle I've dived. It's wild to me how the "T" handles are 90 degrees set. If you put your hand out naturally and hold a 1" pipe of some such, the natural hand hold is at a...
  19. DocWong

    Tahoe Benchmark 2015?

    Yea, I hope he does! I'll donate my vintage Gavin, now powered by a LiPO4 40 AH battery with about 4 hours of run time as a benchmark!
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