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  1. Jrock1062

    SOLD!!! 3 aluminum 40 tanks luxfer

    are they still for sale
  2. Jrock1062

    *****fund raiser for hockeynut*****

    Done ....... Jim get better soon Dude I cant wait to go see Kid Rock :)
  3. Jrock1062

    Word Association 3

  4. Jrock1062

    Purchasing a boat

    you need to decide what you want the boat to do :D before you buy a boat is it for short runs ? long runs? overnights ? if you will be on it for a few days ? do you need a cabin? ac? will you be trailering it or docking it ? If trailering you have weight issues and width issue you need to...
  5. Jrock1062

    Word Association 3

  6. Jrock1062

    Word Association 3

  7. Jrock1062

    Word Association 3

  8. Jrock1062

    Happy birthday designerdiver

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX :balloons: :balloons: :bounce4: :bounce3: :date: :wave: :wave: :bounce3: :bounce4::balloons: :balloons:
  9. Jrock1062

    Happy birthday jrock1062

    Thank You all for the Birthday wishes :kiss2: for the ladies :thumb: for all the men
  10. Jrock1062

    It's Letterboy's Birthday!!!!!

  11. Jrock1062

    Jupiter conditions

    who were going to dive with ?
  12. Jrock1062

    Happy Birthday DivingPrincessE

    Happy birhtday Em :balloons::balloons::balloons::beerchug::beerchug::clapping::wave::balloons::balloons::balloons:
  13. Jrock1062

    Trip Report: USCGC Spar and Suloide

    I dove it the same day with Tortuga charters and it was a great dive, exceptional conditions and plenty of sharks
  14. Jrock1062

    Who has the better diving and WHY? Miami vs. Ft Lauderdale

    Never new you wore a skirt :shakehead: maybe thats why you didn't like it there :rofl3: current and skirts don't mix :no:
  15. Jrock1062

    Quick Hit and Run of NC Diving - Sept 11 & Spet 12

    Trip was short but fantastic Good Dives Good friends Good Charter Great Time Tortuga Charters did a great job thanks Capt James
  16. Jrock1062

    Word Association 3

  17. Jrock1062

    Canon G10 vs. G11

    You Go Jim LMAO :D
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