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  1. ScubaTigress

    Need a medical professional's advice ASAP for IDC!!!

    For lack of a better thread to post in, i'll post the question here: I had an emergency bowel resection Tuesday the 21st of this month, laproscopic assist, about a 2.5 inch horizontal cut on the bikini line, with a couple other puncture wounds (one in the belly button and another in the side)...
  2. ScubaTigress

    Stephen John Barlow... Now an angel among us.

    On the morning of March 29th, 2012, the world lost a wonderful dive instructor who's influence reached globally. He lived here in the Cayman Islands, teaching through Don Fosters dive shop. Many loved him, and laughed with him, and enjoyed his beautiful smile. I hate to sound selfish in this...
  3. ScubaTigress

    Help me ID this worm!

    I've asked around on a worm cluster I spot from time to time, and no one seems to know what the name of this critter is, and it's driving me nuts!!!! Here's one of the pics I took
  4. ScubaTigress

    Happy Birthday NetDoc!!!

    Don't have too much fun on your day of escaping fetalhood :party:
  5. ScubaTigress

    Looking for some dive buddies :)

    I just recently moved to Grand Cayman this past week and I need to find some dive buddies for after work or days off! Who around here lives on the island and wants to go make some bubbles???? LETS GO!! :D Lionfish killing will be tolerated :cool2:
  6. ScubaTigress

    Considering a short term move to the Denver area...

    My mom keeps trying to get me to move to CO cuz her mom lives out there. I always refuse cuz that'd put me further away from water than I already am. Call me selfish but I just can't stand being dry for too long. Come to find out her mom isn't doing to well so she really just wants me out...
  7. ScubaTigress

    "It appears that I have not posted on the forums in several weeks,..."

    "...So I am taking a few moments to ask..." Wazzuuuuuuuuup!!!??? :) Enough to get the notification off the top of my screen anyways :dork2:
  8. ScubaTigress

    Heading to Orlando tomorrow and need some local help!

    My girl i'm supposed to be staying with in orlando got called off to work and I need a place to crash for a couple of days til she gets home, otherwise i'll be out a plane ticket :(. I'm a great dive buddy so I won't disappoint :p If there aren't any takers, are there any super cheap motels...
  9. ScubaTigress

    Greetings from Kansas City :)

    Well it's 3am on New Years and I pretty much gave up on sleep for the night, so I figured I'd join the bandwagon of friends that I have and jump into this site :p I've been a diver for around 10 years or so, learned and got most of my experience in the Cayman Islands but i'll dive in just...
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