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    We lost the members location display in the upgrade?

    Used to see posters location info, that they must have entered, under their picture. It helped understand someone's experience or comments. I don't see it anymore. I guess we lost that with the upgrade?
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    Conception families suing the Coast Guard

    I don't see any thread about this specific development though I am surprised I don't. Families of 34 killed in dive boat disaster sue Coast Guard
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    Allianz Travel insurance experience

    Just posting this to give the board my experience on using Allianz Travel insurance. I use the board and the web for travel purchases. I purchased Allianz travel insurance on my wife's flight to the East coast, covering the roundtrip flight only. Unfortunately, my wife ended up falling and...
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    10+ foot tidal wave hits Sulawesi after earthquake

    10-Foot Tsunami Sweeps Away Houses in Indonesia The video in the article shows the power of a tsumani. VERY BAD NEWS to say less than the least
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    Trash, trash, trash

    A diver recorded themselves diving in a sea of trash at Manta Point. You can even see a manta in the video. No idea it was this bad. Just off the scale.
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    Liveaboard trip ads?

    Several ad messages for trips are appearing in regular liveaboard subforum instead of marketplace. Any reason they don't have to appear in marketplace?
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    Replyless Ads

    Saw this ad in the Liveaboard section with no reply area but a post reply button that throws a "you have to write something" error when clicked. Socorro 20% OFF | 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2017 Don't see a thread closed sign. Is this behaving as expected (messages can be posted without being able to...
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    Anyone been on the Raja Ampat Aggressor?

    Curious what the boat is actually like.Thanks
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    Carbon monoxide in the hotel

    This is not directly dive related but as we travel to our dive destination, we stay in the hotel and poor maintenance can happen anywhere. Terrible what happened here: DA sues Burlingame hotel for carbon monoxide leak that gave pilot brain damage - San Jose Mercury News
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    Palau WWII Ordinance disposal

    Hmmm... while I had expected ordinance was in there somewhere I didn't expect it was quite as plentiful as this. One of the reasons we didn't go too far into 1000 man cave some years before this cleanup effort. Clearing WWII's explosive legacy in the Pacific
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    Completing certification dives in Cairns?

    A good friend here in California is going to Cairns for vacation. They plan on completing book work and pool work here for certification before completing ocean certification dives in Cairns. They're thinking of going with an op which will take them out, complete the cert dives and then they...
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    Anyone used Big Blue VL2500P lights?

    With a credit to be expended, I noticed the Big Blue VL2500P lights on the Leisure Pro site. I'm interested in using them for video lights. Anyone had any experience with these particular lights? Their other similar products seem to be well regarded for quality. Thanks.
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    Future accident

    Another nitwit pulling his 7 year kid around on his secondary. Florida boy, 7, finds ancient canoe while scuba diving | Fox News Today a positive experience, tomorrow maybe not. Hopefully the only noises Junior makes are about seeing things and not "Help."
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    Nai'a Recommended

    Just completed a trip on the Nai'a in Fiji. Fantastic trip. Crew was really fantastic and lots of great social interaction with them too. Their work was instrumental in making this the wonderful trip it was. I always make efforts to get to know the wonderful local people working the boats...
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    Ikelite underwater housing 6038.55 for Sony CX580V

    For Sale: New Ikelite underwater video housing #6038.55 for $800 plus shipping cost to you. This housing uses a Sony CX580V 1080p HD video camera. That camera is currently on sale at B&H Photo for $599, previously being $800. B&H Photo is a reputable place I've used many times. This housing...
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    Phone card to call back to the US from Fiji?

    Make that "Phone sim card to call back to US from Fiji?" Help for a phone newbie. I have a new Nexus 4 phone I bought from Google. I'm going to Fiji in the near future and need to call back to the US about 4-5 times over 10 days during my stay in Fiji. What is the best thing to do here to get...
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    Wendy on Dewi Nusantara

    Just an FYI for those who know her.... The recent Dewi newsletter noted that Wendy the cruise director will be spending more time on land, and a new cruise director is coming on-board. It says Wendy will join selected cruises. Rats, I was hoping to get back aboard with Wendy. It's been a...
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    Can't "Go Back" in IE 10

    No work required here. I'll report I recently started having trouble using the Back button. It either works correctly on the first click, or just works intermittently, or not at all. However, I've seen this on more than just this site, so I don't believe it is site specific to here. Just...
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    What size locline on Sola 2000 locline mount?

    I'm preparing my locline arms on my housing to use Sola 2000 lights. Does anyone know what size locline the light mount requires?
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    Mares Regulator service?

    I need to service my Mares MR22 Abyss reg (2004). Any recommendations for local shops near San Jose, CA? Any recommendations for online shops that service Mares? Has anyone used ScubaToys for servicing their reg? Thanks.
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