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  1. scuba_gradient

    For Sale Halcyon H2 spec 40 double wing

    Does it include the harness and backplate?
  2. scuba_gradient

    For Sale 13 Used Drysuits in All Sizes

    I also want to purchase a DUI suite. Anyone know where I could try one near lower mainland BC?
  3. scuba_gradient

    For Sale Retra LSD (YS-D2)

    Im buying not selling
  4. scuba_gradient

    For Sale Retra LSD (YS-D2)

    Taking a shot at used Retra LSD's. Preferably with the YS D2 mounting module. Cheers, Dan
  5. scuba_gradient

    Want to Buy Nikkor 16-35mm f4 lens

    Anyone offloading some glass? I'd like to shoot using rectilinear lenses for wide angle shots. Thanks!
  6. scuba_gradient

    For Sale Sola 800 used on 10 dives

    is this still available?
  7. scuba_gradient

    For Sale Subal housing and ports for Nikon D700, and camera

    do you still have these available?
  8. scuba_gradient

    Want to Buy Light & Motion Sola 800/1200

    If anyone has an extra of the focus lights above, let me know. Cheers, Daniel
  9. scuba_gradient

    Closed: Ultralight Arms and Clamps

    Sent you a pm. Cheers, Dan
  10. scuba_gradient

    Want to Buy Arms and clamps

    bumping this because I also need some
  11. scuba_gradient

    For Sale Nauticam NA-D750 with accessories

    hi, are you willing to sell the one YS-D2 with clamps and arms set?
  12. scuba_gradient

    Want to Buy 2 YSD2 or Z240 and/or ULCS arms, NA-EM5 ports/lenses

    Hi, Im interested to buy 1 YSD2, including srms & clamps Thanks Dan
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