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  1. DougP

    Diving Indian Arm Style

    Yeah Dave, we dove Cates Park! Remember the industrial complex, the funny small, the barren wasteland underwater... but most importantly remember my awesome underwater golfing :-)
  2. DougP

    Aqua Lung Kronos!!! Solution in need of a problem???

    Hello Seahound, I bought the Kronos (supreme) a year ago and have really enjoyed it -it's been reliable and easy to breath. If it's tuned right, the Venturi switch is probably the most useful feature because you can breath easy at depth and not have free flows at the surface (if you remember to...
  3. DougP

    Howdy divers

    Well, I just spent a year learning to dive on the west coast (Vancouver area). Now that I've moved a little inland I thought I'd start posting to this board instead of just scouring it for local diving tips. Hopefully when the weather gets a little nicer I'll be able to find some great...
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