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  1. luckydays

    FS - Fourth Element Undergarments Artic and Xerotherm

    These have been gently used (less than 25 dives per set). Machine washed using gentle soap on delicate cycle and air dried. I wish I did not have to sell these but they are too big. I was warm using these undies and know you will be also. Used Fourth Element Artic Undergarments Mens Bottoms...
  2. luckydays

    GoPro 3 Black Edition Manual

    Just got the GP3 Black edition camera for my fiance yesterday but we cant get the manual from the GP website. Do any of you have the manual that you could upload or email to me so my fiance can start learning the thing.
  3. luckydays

    I want to buy a GoPro but I am so confused about which one

    I want to buy my fiancee a GoPro for when we dive. I cant tell the difference or understand what is needed to make each camera be optimal. Can someone lead me in the right direction. I am confused about the GoPro 2 and 3. The new one came out quickly from the old model so I am wondering if its...
  4. luckydays

    Taking first day trip to Catalina... What should I expect

    I am heading to Catalina on the Ferry next Wednesday or Thursday to dive Casino Point. This is a new site for me and my fiance (dive buddy as well) so I am hoping I can get some pointers what to expect from the ferry ride to the diving, as well as good dining options in the vicinity. We plan...
  5. luckydays

    Highland 7.25 bands XS Scuba Pro Valves and Manifold - $250 OBO

    For sale is a set of Highland 7.25" bands and XS Scuba Pro Valves and Manifold. Valves have inserts for Yoke or DIN config. 230 Bar/3442 PSI. Everything looks to be in good shape with some markings from use. I don't know how many dives are on this setup. Asking $250.00 OBO and this includes...
  6. luckydays

    Diving this weekend...

    I just moved to San Pedro (Whoo Hoo) and am looking for a dive charter or shore dive for this weekend as well as a buddy to dive it with. I have lots of flexibility if someone is interested in joining me. My regular buddy (fiance) is not ready to dive the SoCal waters and has to work this...
  7. luckydays

    DUI jumpsuit undergarment (Size Small) and Thinsulate Booties (Size Small)

    I have a size small DUI fleece jumpsuit for sale. Its pretty thin so I would guess that comfortable temps to use it would be 55F or warmer but YMMV. Asking price of $100 obo includes free shipping to US with USPS priority mail service and paypal fee. Also, I have a pair of thinsulate ultra...
  8. luckydays

    DUI Zip Gloves - Size Medium

    I have a pair of DUI zip gloves for sale. Barely used as I put the SI Tech ring system on my suit so I could have different colored gloves than blue or orange :) The gloves are Blue, size medium, with the yellow liners. I may have used them 1-3 times in freshwater. Scubatoys is selling the...
  9. luckydays

    Compass Boot in Pink

    Tobin, I saw a pic of a Suunto SK7 Compass boot in pink but cant find it on your site. Do you still sell the boot in pink? I would also be really interested in a boot for my Oceanic VT3 in pink also. (I have the black on already) Please let me know if this is something you can/still offer.
  10. luckydays

    Dive Rite Plate compatability with Hog 32lb Singles Wing

    I am looking at buying a new wing. I have a dive rite SS plate already and found a deal for the HOG 32 lb Singles Wing (2011 version with six grommet holes) and want to know if this is compatible without the need of using a STA. I cant tell from the pictures I have seen online of the wing...
  11. luckydays

    Shore diving Memorial Day Week!

    I am coming back to Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach again for Memorial Day week (5/27-6/3). I am looking to see if there are some folks looking to do some shore diving during this time, both over the weekend and during the week. I know that BHB wont provide any good daytime diving (tides are wrong...
  12. luckydays

    Haigh Quarry Memorial Dive Day July 25th

    So who is going to the quarry for the Memorial Dive Day event? I plan on being there by 10 am or so and hoping to get in a few good dives. Hope to see you there!
  13. luckydays

    Bonaire Trip Report - June 26-July 10

    Bonaire is a divers paradise, just like the license plate says. Once I landed in Bonaire and got my luggage, I went to the exit to meet up with the transportation people for The Plaza. After arriving at the hotel around 6:00 am, I found that my room was not ready. I checked in and started to...
  14. luckydays

    Fish Eye Photo - Bonaire

    While on the island for a two week vacation, I took a photography class from Tim at Fish Eye Photo. The class was scheduled for the Monday that I arrived. Tim had been sick so we had to reschedule as he could not dive. He took some time though and was able to show me a few things about the...
  15. luckydays

    La Jolla Shores June 5th beach dive -

    bowlofpetunias is going to be in Southern California for a couple of weeks and I am flying out to see/meet her this weekend (June 5th) for a dive at La Jolla Shores. I was hoping that a few more SB'ers in the SoCal region would like to join us for a dive or two (Conditions depending) on Saturday...
  16. luckydays

    Best place to put the dessicant pack

    I just got the the Sea and Sea DX-2G camera and have only had it in the water a few times. Our water temps are still pretty cold and on my last dive the camera fogged up bad and did not clear up until the dive was almost over. I had a moisture muncher in the camera case that I set in near the...
  17. luckydays

    best batteries to use with a strobe

    I am getting my first set of strobes (sea and sea ys110a x2) and I keep hearing that I should have fresh batteries for every second dive. This will be costly as AA batteries sure aren't cheap and with my setup I will need 8 batteries. I am wondering which batteries you use with your strobes...
  18. luckydays

    Camera decisions, decisions. What would you buy ...

    I am looking for a new camera to dive with. I have a point and shoot Canon camera that I use now and think it is fine for now but I would like to look for something else. I would like to have a camera with at least one strobe, preferably 2, can take video, takes decent land shots as well as...
  19. luckydays

    Haigh Quarry Opening Day (April 3rd)

    So who is going to out at Haigh on Opening Day? It will probably be cold. I can only hope that the ice will be gone by then.
  20. luckydays

    Great Lakes Wrecking Crew 14th Semi-Annual Meet and Greet April 23rd-25th

    Scubaboard’s Great Lakes Wrecking Crew 14th Semi-Annual Meet and Greet Once again, it is time for the Great Lakes Wrecking Crew Spring Meet and Greet. We are meeting April 23rd to April 25th at Gilboa Quarry. This is a diving weekend extravaganza but non-divers are welcome. All...
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