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  1. TuckerIdaho

    Decoplanner 4 purchase?

    Doesn't seem like there's a way as a non GUE diver to purchase DecoPlanner 4?
  2. TuckerIdaho

    Halcyon Eos can battery replacement

    Anyone know which batteryspace pack replaces the Halcyon Eos battery?
  3. TuckerIdaho

    For Sale Waterproof D7 ISS Pro Medium/large (9 US boots) - price reduced

    Price drop: $600+shipping Would also trade for lp85 doubles or hp100s Waterproof D7 Pro ISS Medium/Large Size 9 (27 euro) boots Sitech replaceable neck seal Sitech QCS oval wrist seals Sitech Antares dry glove system Halcyon P valve (right leg) I'm the second owner, always rinsed post dive...
  4. TuckerIdaho

    SOLD!!! found.

    Just looking for the backplate and harness. Stainless, standard size. TY!
  5. TuckerIdaho

    Want to Buy Perdix AI

    As the title says. Don't need a transmitter for now. Whatcha got?!
  6. TuckerIdaho

    SOLD!!! Found.

    Throwing it out there, looking for a well loved santi elite in medium. Just spent the day in one and love it. Anyone looking to move on from theirs?
  7. TuckerIdaho

    Bugs and tog?

    Anyone interested in poking the wildlife around Westport with pointy sticks? I haven't been paying attention, is RI open to Massholes again? (I heard some good things about some tog spots)
  8. TuckerIdaho

    Diver struck by boat off Sandy Point

    Everyone here OK?????? Diver Struck by Boat Off Sandy Point in Warwick | News Break
  9. TuckerIdaho

    Mass reopening plan

    Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) COVID-19 Guidance Documents Looks like charters resume business on the 25th, retail the same with restrictions on number of people in retail stores. Beaches reopen now? (Its vague) Pools reopen around June 26th for those of us who were...
  10. TuckerIdaho

    PSA: Water is still cold.

    Just sharing because the 'rona is getting to me. That is all. :)
  11. TuckerIdaho

    For Sale Mares Smart Apnea computer

    Well cared for Mares Smart Apnea. New battery 18mo's ago, hasn't been used since. Comes with computer cable. $175 (+paypal/venmo fees) shipped OBRO
  12. TuckerIdaho

    Backplate weight

    New England diving (mostly 5mm/7mm, occasional drysuit) Trying to decide between the normal Mares stainless backplate (4lb approx) and the heavy backplate (8lbs approx). Anyone have any thoughts on it? My terrible understanding of the optimal buoyancy calculator puts me at needing 24lbs of...
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