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  1. tasdiver

    Mexico + Florida June 2011

    Great write up and pictures Sas! It was wonderful meeting you. I used to really hate diving Ginnie until I got "schooled" on how to get out of the flow ;) That June 2012 Mexico trip sounds like fun ! Let us know if you do put something together.
  2. tasdiver

    Sunday June 19 - Official MedFlame03 day at Blue Heron Bridge - & Party!

    Tim and I are in.... we will bring plates/napkins/utensils/cups ... and whatever else may need to be filled in (i.e. chips, etc.)
  3. tasdiver

    Very simple survey online...

    Done .
  4. tasdiver


    Be still my heart..... I MUST have these :D
  5. tasdiver

    "Nursery" in Pompano ~ Need Help Finding

    There is also an area called the "nursery" right off Pompano Beach in the area we locals call "the balls" for the mooring bouys found there. I am not sure which of these bouys is the official "nursery" ball. It was named this because they used to feed the nurse sharks there before feeding was...
  6. tasdiver

    Recommend a good Fort Lauderdale area shop for OW training please

    Scuba Network. They have stores in Deerfield Beach 954-422-9982, Pompano Beach 954-785-0399 and Ft. Lauderdale 954-491-7793. Great full service dive shop and super instructors :) I took my OW through Instructor course with this shop :)
  7. tasdiver

    Trim Issues?!!? HELP!!!!!

    I also dive a white's fusion drysuit with neoprene booties. I found that using "fin keepers" over the "sock" portion of the drysuit (under the booties) helps keep the air out of my feet. It took a bit of getting used to as I was diving a DUI with rock boots, but I'm really happy with the result.
  8. tasdiver

    2 Luxfur 40cf Aluminum Tanks

    Payment sent :) Thanks ! and have a great weekend !
  9. tasdiver

    2 Luxfur 40cf Aluminum Tanks

    Interested ! PM sent
  10. tasdiver

    Change my Avatar....

    Awesome pic Jax, but Timmy would be mad :rofl3:
  11. tasdiver

    Change my Avatar....

    Gosh I just HATE that avatar, sorry Dave :( And because of all your SB shenanigans I just have to throw my lot in with Pete, so $30 co-sponsored bid to Wormil01 :D
  12. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    Donation made! Receipt ID: 0448-0052-9349-6930 Wormil, you better be nice to Carolyn !!!
  13. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    OK . . . tasdiver logged in under Wormil's account . . . I'm typing . . . he's drivin' The winner is: Lives4Sharks Congratulations on your winning bid of $140 to be donated to S.U.D.S. Your prize of a one month LDR with Wormil will begin immediately and end at 10:00 pm EST on...
  14. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    That is SO totally Wormils new avatar !!!
  15. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    :rofl3: :rofl3: :rofl3: Sas you are AWESOME . . . and I will also add $30 to Lives4Shark's bid !!!
  16. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    I thought you LIKED me :depressed: BTW, since I already get phone calls, emails and texts from Wormil, do I have to donate to SUDS ?? :D
  17. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    Awesome advice . . . a few days and a grilled cheese sandwich too late though ;)
  18. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    What a fabulous idea !! Anyway, if I bid on an LDR (even though I don't meet the age criteria) will that make Wormil stay away from my house ?? :rofl3:
  19. tasdiver

    LDR Date wormil for 1 month!!

    Yeah!! Age shouldn't matter because it's an LDR . . .
  20. tasdiver

    Christmas scuba cards

    :) Enjoy > Postcards
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