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  1. marchand

    Various wings for sale

    You must email me at for reply. All prices are OBO. Pictures available on request. 1) Nomad system with ring bungies. This unit has the original nomad wing (~#50 lift) and a modified buttplate. The rails on the buttplate were removed and replaced with four 2"...
  2. marchand

    Official Spring MEGAdive 24-26 April Thread!

    For those new people who may be wondering what the megadive is, the meagadive is an event that happens every spring and fall where a bunch of board members congregate at Ginnie Springs for a weekend of diving, drinking, hanging out with friends, and camping (not necessarilly in that order)...
  3. marchand

    metric tanks and hydros

    I recently acquired some steel scubapro tanks threaded for the M25 valve. they have no DOT or TC markings. Is it possible to get these hydroed? I seem to remember someone mention something about having an adapter made so they can be hydroed...
  4. marchand


    I just put together a harness for my back plate and test dove it. It seems to work really well. It is basically a "comfort" harness but it has metal buckles instead of the cheap plastic ones. pics attached. What do y'all think? PS: I got everything from here
  5. marchand

    Your honest opinon

    Recently I was looking at prices for high output HID canister lights (35W) and was amazed at how high the prices were. I then started to consider making one myself, as I am mechanically inclined. after doing some research the cost of materials came to be roughly $300 - $450 each depending on...
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