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  1. luckydays

    FS - Fourth Element Undergarments Artic and Xerotherm

    Price Drop Used Fourth Element Artic Undergarments Mens Bottoms Large Short - $85.00 shipped Mens Top Extra Large - $85.00 shipped Used 4th Element Xerotherm Undergarments Unisex Bottoms Large - $60.00 shipped Unisex Top - XL - $60.00 shipped
  2. luckydays

    FS - Fourth Element Undergarments Artic and Xerotherm

    These have been gently used (less than 25 dives per set). Machine washed using gentle soap on delicate cycle and air dried. I wish I did not have to sell these but they are too big. I was warm using these undies and know you will be also. Used Fourth Element Artic Undergarments Mens Bottoms...
  3. luckydays

    Two open spots for Bonaire, July 20-27

    I sure hope someone wants to take one of these (or both spots). My fiance lost his job on Friday and I lost my major client earlier in the month so our finances have changed dramatically. And we are getting married two weeks later so having people take over our spots will be a huge help. If...
  4. luckydays

    Only Two spaces left on July 20--27 DNY Invasion of Bonaire

    59 days till be go to Bonaire!!! :bounce3::bounce::banana: Do I sound excited? Heck yeah, I am.
  5. luckydays

    Only Two spaces left on July 20--27 DNY Invasion of Bonaire

    67 days till the trip... Personal invitation from a happy parrot fish. Doesn't someone (well 2 people actually) want to do a week trip to Bonaire for a great price... Even though this is a DNY trip, there are lots of us that are not located in NY or even in the NE of the US. I am probably...
  6. luckydays

    First service cost?

    Sounds like it all ended well. At least the owner was a stand up guy and called you back. even if you dont use the credit, its nice to know that he tried to make it right.
  7. luckydays

    First service cost?

    I brought my Micron in for service a few weeks back for an intermittent free flow as well. Told them to check it out and let me know what the deal is before they get to far into it. $172 was my price for the first and second stage rebuild [$90 for service $82 for parts]. My regs are 4 years old...
  8. luckydays

    13 Apr 2013 Jupiter Dive (North Juno Ledge/Tunnels)

    What a great video. Thanks for sharing. Cant wait to get back with JDC next month on my annual run to SoFL.
  9. luckydays

    GLWC 2013 Spring Meet and Greet - April 19-21, 2013

    Enjoy the MnG everybody. Wish I could make it but ... ah never mind. I am diving the Oil Rigs off Huntington Beach that weekend. Cant wait to see the pics.
  10. luckydays

    Post your last gear purchase

    Same here!!! Well the fins are pink and I got the spring straps already so I can dive them this weekend.
  11. luckydays

    Did you move for Scuba?

    We have been to SD but decided to move to San Pedro. We wanted to be close to the water so we could have a boat in the Marina but did not want to be in a tourist spot. We both are self employed with steady clients so deciding to live was all about personal choice over were we could find work...
  12. luckydays

    Did you move for Scuba?

    We moved from Chicago to SoCal and diving was one of the main reasons for the move. Its been 5 months now and I dont regret it one bit. Have not done nearly as much diving as I wanted so far but there are so many other distractions. But 10 dives since we moved and always have more in the plans.
  13. luckydays

    GoPro 3 Black Edition Manual

    The site was down earlier and a wonderful SBer emailed me the manual. Thanks for the link though.
  14. luckydays

    GoPro 3 Black Edition Manual

    Just got the GP3 Black edition camera for my fiance yesterday but we cant get the manual from the GP website. Do any of you have the manual that you could upload or email to me so my fiance can start learning the thing.
  15. luckydays

    Bonaire Trip Report Nov 5-12 2012

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad you had a good time. I love Bonaire and am going back in July.
  16. luckydays

    Dyslexic Diver needs advice!

    Flots has it spot on here. I learned the tables but my computer does the work. If the computer fails, I am done diving that day unless I can fix it. If it cant be easily fixed (battery change) then its time for siesta and cold ones. If I am on vacation, I will rent a computer until its time to...
  17. luckydays

    I want to buy a GoPro but I am so confused about which one

    THANKS!!! I am going to order it from BB then. GP's site says preorder now with an estimated ship date of Nov 30th. If BB can get it sooner, then BB gets my money (even if I hate shopping with them).
  18. luckydays

    I want to buy a GoPro but I am so confused about which one

    The GP3 White and Silver is out but the Black version comes out in a few weeks. Its funny you should say this. I am usually spot on for stuff that I want to buy him. Mainly because I dont mind spending a little extra to have the latest/fancier thing. He on the other hand does not mind refurbs...
  19. luckydays

    It's Veterans Day, tell me a little about your service.

    US Navy 1990-2000 1990 to 1994 Engineman (Diesel Engine Mechanic) 1994 to 2000 Gas Turbine Technician
  20. luckydays

    Go Pro Hero2 HD, housings and filters, extras

    Do you have pics of what you are selling?
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