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  1. horn34

    Mares MR 42 Abyss Servicing

    I found a good deal on an old Mares MR 42 Abyss that has been closeted for years, but not sure about servicing. Some of the posts I've read indicate the MR 42 is unique, was replaced by the MR 22, and may be difficult or impossible to service. Thoughts?
  2. horn34

    Southwest to Cozumel - Back on for March 2021

    Starting March 11
  3. horn34

    Want to Buy One Mares Avanti Quattro Fin, Regular Size

    Looking for one Mares Avanti Quattro fin, size Regular. Any color. Lost one of mine on a night dive.
  4. horn34

    Lost - Black Mares Avanti Fin with heel spring strap

    Lost - Black Mares Avanti Fin with heel spring strap It fell off at Yukab last night. If anyone finds it, I'll buy you dinner. Gracias
  5. horn34

    Southwest - no new June Cancun flight bookings

    All the June dates just went Unavailable today and the first flight you can book online is July 1st. The rep I spoke to said she was told they are still flying and honoring current bookings, but not taking any new reservations for CUN in June. Another bizarre decision.
  6. horn34

    AA Cancels CZM Flights Between May 25th and June 4th

    Bizarre. You can still book a flight today through Sunday, but then AA is taking a 10 day route break.
  7. horn34

    Cozumel CV Travel Info

    We have about a dozen threads discussing various aspects/rumors, it would be great if we could get it all from one place. The important ones I see so far: All major cruise lines have halted ops for the near future US/Mexico border still open, but closure is a definite possibility American...
  8. horn34

    BCD Inflator Pins

    Anyone know where I can get a couple of these? I've got two spare inflators I need to use that are both missing that pin and causing small leaks from the side.
  9. horn34

    Wicked diving?

    Anyone know what's up with these guys? No email responses lately. The website and 2020 schedule hasn't been updated in months, then today I see the website is down. Was hoping to dive with them in March/April.
  10. horn34

    November 2019 Roll Call

    I think there's a few of us going at least. horn34 + 2 ............Nov. 16 - Nov. 27 ......... House ................... Aldora MMM......................Nov 16 - Spring '20........Su Casa.................Living Underwater V&J........................Nov 30 - Dec 14……Villa Las Anclas…......Tres...
  11. horn34

    Zeagle Ranger Age ID?

    I'm looking at a used Ranger and the owner doesn't know the age, thinks it's "not too old". I'm thinking 10+ years, but I'm trying to narrow it down, since I think he's asking too much. Guesses?
  12. horn34

    Scubapro Pressure Gauge Problem

    I had a leaky hose on this gauge and swapped it out. Now the needle doesn't drop below 400PSI, so it shows the pressure as 400PSI above true. Any way to fix this?
  13. horn34

    Cheap PADI OW Certification

    I've got a buddy that lives on Coz wanting to get his girlfriend certified. They're young and don't make much, so I figured I'd ask around for a low cost solution.
  14. horn34

    No More Plastic Grocery Bags

    per a TA thread, Chedraui and Soriana are eliminating plastic take out bags in favor of 9p cloth bags or free cardboard boxes. They did this in Austin a few years ago, so I'm used to it, but it may be an adjustment for others.
  15. horn34

    Want to Buy Mares Proton Shroud/Cover

    Trying to find a cover for this Mares Proton reg. Not having any luck with craigslist or ebay. Mares doesn't seem to want to sell me the part either. Any ideas? I'm guessing a shroud from an Axis or other Mares reg will work too. Shroud/cover I'm looking for
  16. horn34

    Driving from Texas to the Yucatan

    I know we have several posters here that do this regularly (Christi?, Dave?), so I was hoping to get some stories/tips. I'd like to do it one of these days, and if this government shutdown screws up my flight arrangements next month, I might just drive. I've driven from Austin to Mazatlan and...
  17. horn34

    March 2019 Roll Call

    I didn't see one of these threads yet and March is 6 weeks away. Who's coming? Member...........................Dates..............Stay......................Dive horn34 & scuba_88.........2/22 - 3/11......Casa Isabella........Aldora
  18. horn34

    Flying with Tanks

    Anyone have experience with this? I may pick up a couple of steel tanks for Yucatan diving. Probably won't use them when I'm in Cozumel, but the other places I dive on the mainland don't rent steel tanks and I'm an air hog. A few of the links I've seen online say the valves needs to be removed...
  19. horn34

    Tank ID Needed

    The owner claims it's steel but doesn't know anything else about it. Might be a good deal, but it's a long drive to pick up.
  20. horn34

    Shark Scratching

    I remember seeing a discussion about this on another thread (can't find it) and ran into this a few weeks ago. I love these guys.
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