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    Two Emmy Awards in Two Years....Not Bad

    Two Emmy Awards in Two Years...Not Bad =AZW4zJ0ijXVl4iQt8D8Xh1Pb6sv0gp-NryY-MWV86QutRmih14ya5cLuCPVKIvHjq795pSWf0SkGRbD-lLHI9KUZZwVyVDL8XrPyJBqVADlmsC5QnQiAkx7iro3l6JVxImM&__tn__=*NK-R']#sharecare...
  2. DiveHeart

    Let's End this Weekend of Giving with a SONG :)

    Let's end this weekend of Giving Thanks with a SONG.... Diveheart =AZUo7ltAAHQWu95dp325kdO0LIPaCY_0ljzZ_s5C11pdVj2IPcMHBFdW14gh2Ozj8pxYrqgX2JN_ShjVbDXupYm9GRLRVsfJE8g8kakS4MgSgC5SQfQonIYKK4pHoNakl7o&__tn__=*NK-R']#thankful...
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    Giving Thanks with a Grateful ....Diveheart

    3 mins · Shared with Public =AZWTBiicUJIGJf-44s5wdGYV9pKHAO8LsEs2qshRWCQn-Te_WhnNjUuvMhDVUUKt4391scXJB6Sn0a-sPgc6oC4xetiY7wUWvwRuo9EulIpDoM6a0uGcapv2hSDXd9ULETQ&__tn__=EH-R'] Like Comment Share 0 Comments
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    Don't miss Diveheart Malaysia at the upcoming Dive Expo in Kuala Lumpur

    Diveheart Malaysia at Malaysia International Dive Expo MIDE 2021 booth =AZXXrl1hdaJ9-9wdUyb66mCgwx7FH0DECwXQSloc4tHPcQQ6rySGaRkXNthel38J559xukKm6viWDHvSBJN8RfSGy6g1BajLhcvnbLViMG1R2j6xpelEKvs53aY6CHFTyCpxqWWzClK5Ssx8N9Nr9SDH&__tn__=*NK-R']#A38 from December 03 to 05 at Putra World Trade Centre...
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    Why give??? Because you can't take it with you ....

    You can't take it with you. Since 2001 donors have been generously supporting Diveheart and its efforts to help children, veterans and others with disabilities. The easy button is to donate through Facebook ( they don't charge any fees ) so all of the donation goes directly to Diveheart. you can...
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    Ready for Thanksgiving :)

    =AZUcgjmQ06wKI22ujyIjxVjxOo2gbrVQPt5KwTTIHphi7UxqdeJ36v0enbZ8PKtOJA0ktJs5FejzA13ZszYoC0ag-kg021kHqovjKGCII2hvTQ&__tn__=EH-R'] Like Comment Share
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    An unexpected phone call brought us new friends...

    I picked up the phone...a woman's voice on the other end said, " my husband and I cried when we watched turning point last can I donate to Diveheart". Here's what she saw...
  8. DiveHeart

    This first TED TALK continues to inspire .....

    The first Diveheart TED Talk continues to inspire... Tedtalks TedTalk =AZWhB6Dnbhrb6v64JF9Y7ec0rrZrA4MI6Iekv_J_rKbSYXA8oeU6IRA_mV-YBaEyhdPaMTpskvNnV83IKZncqpags1S2bnmrpXFteS7V_Kk5Uf0zxAcqo732SvM-2mVkJ38&__tn__=*NK-R']#TEDTalk Diveheart...
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    In Cozumel Dec 4-11...stop by and say hi.

    Soon Diveheart total immersion training will begin in Cozumel Mexico Dec 4-11 If you happen to be on the island we hope you'll stop by the Cozumel hotel and Dive Paradise to say hi. Seven adaptive divers will be joining the Diveheart team to enhance the training experience. Questions about...
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    The human body is art....regardless of Abilities.....

    The human body is Art ....Regardless of Abilities....more at =AZXQfejnomUSSuC_gwH97lo0CqLCqXy5Q65LljyWSZrBExn6yN0h1vOQV-8eSCPqYfJj6Hnw7rl76lsDsP-BoHV3Z4EQpH2gY9gbsD03ausSD6-ma8N3i7sQh0vBX-XSJrh8HShpA0kYqhEaxNjqniQX&__tn__=-]K-R']Diveheart...
  11. DiveHeart

    Richie Kohler at DEMA with Diveheart...Remembering our adventures together :)

    Great seeing old friends at the DEMA show this week like Richie Kohler who hosted Diveheart when we brought a blind diver to the mall of america in Minnesota. Check it out
  12. DiveHeart

    At DEMA? if so stop by booth 2023 to learn more about adaptive scuba...

    Stop by booth 2023 at the DEMA show now through Friday and say hi to the green scuba chicken and the Diveheart crew and learn more about adaptive scuba and scuba therapy...
  13. DiveHeart

    Want to learn more about adaptive scuba and scuba therapy?

    Coming to DEMA in Vegas....we hope you stop by the Diveheart booth to learn more about adaptive scuba
  14. DiveHeart

    Coming to DEMA??? Stop by to learn more about adaptive scuba

    Coming to DEMA in Vegas....we hope you stop by the Diveheart booth to learn more about adaptive scuba
  15. DiveHeart

    Student filmmakers help Diveheart win national award!

    Congratulations to student film makers Linda Pedrelli, Kate Hershey and Emmy Galante from Glenbrook South high school for creating this amazing documentary that won Diveheart this years Sharecare award in the catagory of Healthy Living
  16. DiveHeart

    How can you keep old wetsuits our of landfills and help those with disabilities ???

    Guess how =AZXy0Dkr_aNZO_LvOw2o7z6xsrH9Et1hc4i2ht3lFghuRS4YRvZXNydMYKteB247QyYKskEfBHrkeU4fVkbakuyRQyNyYGyc1RKVXyeKEE__l_kxAOW9ulhE4ovSeaiXFXg&__tn__=-]K-R']Diveheart helps keep old wetsuits out of land fills while fueling adaptive scuba programs for children, veterans and others with...
  17. DiveHeart

    What is a quick way to learn about the Diveheart mission and vision?

    One of the quickest ways to get up to speed on what Diveheart does is to watch and share this TED Talk
  18. DiveHeart

    Adaptive Diver Amber Rangel loves Utila

    Amber Rangel loves adaptive scuba and Utila =AZVkVYb63H9AKlTx7hDJu2ScN7CicRvkTQNtXD9Pzdv1ZlZM1dVwP7NS7tw6Zmt5WPOEQaF7P-2wJxvBREoYszxtflOx-8uBzAIEzhDkelUlYEMcSrARY--K57VzdwaQfLw&__tn__=*NK-R']#utila...
  19. DiveHeart

    Guess who has been Serving veterans of all abilities since 2001

    Diveheart has been serving veterans of all abilities since 2001 =AZV3eWCH0WM_vWKKkDmlEQkuhWINe7kj9mIdbti1bOtbvkrKCz1ZSb1CnaYH9rigQmLpWqBC60bvn7INj69yPjKIo5uBTiyr0ksK6-P9O157zPUdKCz0EhgUi8sIPNxZf-Y&__tn__=*NK-R']#VeteransDay...
  20. DiveHeart

    Diveheart live on Fox 32 TV tomorrow 12:45 central time

    Tomorrow at 12:45 pm central time check out Fox 32 TV for a live interview with Echo Morgan and Jim Elliott of Diveheart as they talk about Echo's new children's book to honor her Army son's memory by donating proceeds to Diveheart Military Wounded to provide scholarships for veterans with...
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