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  1. Silt Life

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2022 Cozumel

    Trip sounds interesting since I've yet to dive Cozumel and I also have a non-diving spouse. Just waiting on her decision..........
  2. Silt Life

    Cressi Leonardo, no display after renewing battery

    Well then, my Leonardo failed to log two dives in June but logged dives in October. How's that possible?
  3. Silt Life

    Cressi Leonardo, no display after renewing battery

    Is it possible to erase a dive from the log? My Leonardo failed to log two dives in June.
  4. Silt Life

    Puerto Rico

    Shore dive photo from Rincon, P.R.
  5. Silt Life

    Puerto Rico

    These are the two shops in Rincon. Taino Divers (787) 823-6429 po box 164 black eagle marina rincon pr 00677 Brenda @ Rincon Dive & Snorkel 786-589-4228
  6. Silt Life

    Puerto Rico

    What do you mean drive and dive?
  7. Silt Life

    Puerto Rico

    I go to PR at least once a year. We stay in Rincon most of the time these days as we feel relaxed and comfortable in that area. Great restaurants, cool bars, and good shore dives at both Steps Marine Reserve and the wall just off shore a mile or two south. There is also one Op that boats to...
  8. Silt Life

    Puerto Rico

    Just dove PR in June. Love that place~!
  9. Silt Life

    Greetings from Puerto Rico

    Might be Anilocra capensis
  10. Silt Life

    Diving Pensacola Aug 23 and Sept 18

    Sorry, I'm opting for Key West in September instead.....
  11. Silt Life

    Diving Pensacola Aug 23 and Sept 18

    I might see if I can swing it if I can also book a couple dives for Tuesday to make it worthwhile to drive five hours.
  12. Silt Life

    Diving Pensacola Aug 23 and Sept 18

    Have you been diving with them before? Have you dove Pensacola before? What's the vis like? Any idea what sites they'll do for the three tank dive charter?
  13. Silt Life

    Budget friendly setup for amateur photography

    I use a Nikon Cool Pix 300w. It's good to 100' with no housing. Granted, once below about twenty feet you're gonna want some light with anything whether it's internal flash or added strobe or flood or just a good torch. So far, I'm happy with it's performance. About 18' deep, natural light...
  14. Silt Life

    Anyone own a Cool Pix 300w?

    I bought this camera a few years ago since my Stylus Tough was only good to 30 feet. I'm happy with just shooting in auto mode, but is there a better setting to help at depth since you can't add a filter to this camera? Here's a recent short video I shot in Puerto Rico in June that my neighbor...
  15. Silt Life

    Greetings from Puerto Rico

    Had a great time in Puerto Rico back in June and thought I'd post a short video of the recovering reef at Steps Beach Marine Park. I was impressed with all the new growth this past year!
  16. Silt Life

    Leaky DSMB, asking for advice, please.

    $200 for a DSMB?!!!! Is it gold leaf with Swarovski Crystals?
  17. Silt Life

    Culebra Diving

    Fully vaccinated people need only to upload info and image of card to the health portal. I'm heading to PR on the 17th. Travel Safe
  18. Silt Life

    How many masks did you go through to find one that works?

    One~! Although I have recently purchased a backup that fits my fat head well. It's just a cheap Hog.
  19. Silt Life

    How difficult is it to replace the (big) inflator hose with something longer?

    There's no shoulder pull cord on my Zeagle Covert! Just two bottom dump pulls.
  20. Silt Life

    Trip Report Back in SE Florida, part 3, You can't always get what you want...

    Looks great! Can hardly wait three more weeks to be in Puerto Rico again!
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