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  1. Ulfhedinn

    Seems I have a pinched thread on this valve.

    Usually I would right this off as a loss but since Its a Halcyon valve I'm gonna figure out a way to fix. Ideas? I am going to a local "tap and die" mechanic shop to see if the can fix.. if there is not an easier way.
  2. Ulfhedinn

    Minimum Gas chart for quick reference

    I recently had to work on some MIN Gas issues for a class. So I put together a quick reference for my wet notes. Thought I would share. Also... did my calcs come out correct? Math is not my strong suit. "The 80 is an AL80"
  3. Ulfhedinn

    DryGlove System Revisit

    I currently use the Si Tech Round permeant wrist system which I like but I'm not sure if I like the Glove Lock Dry Glove System I also have. Seems clunky.. bulky.. Then again I have never used any other system so maybe this is just how it is. I have seen rave reviews for Rolocks and Kubi. I feel...
  4. Ulfhedinn

    Case for my 02 & CO analyzer

    I picked up a OxyCheq Expedition O2 Analyzer and will have a Expedition CO Analyzer on order soon. Would like to be able to fit them both in a waterproof box that allows me to keep the flow restrictor on If I so wish. The container it comes in is fine for the shop but not at the dive site. Would...
  5. Ulfhedinn

    Question SANTI Thermovalve 303 vs SANTI Thermovalve

    So I read them over and I'm still lost? What am I getting from the 303 model that makes it $50 more? and while we are on the topic. What do you recommend?
  6. Ulfhedinn

    For Sale DSS Torus 57 Doubles Wing

    DSS Torus 57 Doubles Wing $250 + Shipping
  7. Ulfhedinn

    LM Drysuit Heater Adapter with Cable...

    This is the version that requires a hole punched in your suit. Does anyone use this version? I really would prefer to avoid more cables hanging across my chest.
  8. Ulfhedinn

    Ice Diving and Great Lake Undergarment ideas

    I'm trying to decide on what my next undergarment should be for Ice diving at June Lake or my trip to the Great lakes next year for some wreck diving. Here in So Cal I wear wool base layer and wool socks followed by FE Exotherms. In the winter I add the FE Artic Top. Drysuit is Santi Elite...
  9. Ulfhedinn

    DIR- GUE Min Gas... LP108 vs HP130

    My math has failed me.. or I'm brain dead. I cant seem to dial in the numbers. I think Im in the analyses overwhelmed faze. Lets say we are diving down to a wreck so we will be using 1/2. HP130 @ 3500PSI @ 100' with a .75 sac vs LP108 @ 3600PSI @ 100' with .75 sac Can someone write it...
  10. Ulfhedinn

    How do you secure your Strobe?

    I picked up a LM strobe. Will most likely use it for downline and possible some wreck pen. How do you secure your strobe?
  11. Ulfhedinn

    Buoyancy or lack there of new Jet Fins

    Trying to dial in my new dry suit. Picked up the new White XXL Jet Fins as all of my other older Jet Fins did not fit. I now officially have every size they have ever made. I'm thinking neg -2lbs per fin but then again... Any ideas?
  12. Ulfhedinn

    Want to Buy Highland Twin Cylinder Bands - Matching - 7.25"

    Highland Twin Cylinder Bands - Matching - 7"
  13. Ulfhedinn

    Want to Buy DSS 8.1lb BP weights

    Looking for DSS medium BP weights thanks
  14. Ulfhedinn

    Want to Buy Halcyon Manifold - 300Bar DIN

    I know there out of production but I love the one on my 130s so much I need 2 more.
  15. Ulfhedinn

    Southern California LDS -> 02 Clean or Just VIP

    Since I ran into a snag today with my 72s... they are not 02 clean. RSL is down for repairs so I couldn't get a fill on those today. So I started calling around... Riverside Scuba Locker - Just VIP - Banked 32% Beach City Scuba - 02 Clean - Blended San Diego Divers - Vip unless you want better...
  16. Ulfhedinn

    Cave Fills in SoCal?

    Any shops do cave fills in So CAL? I have a set of LP95s I would like to get filled with some 32 but unless I can get a nice fill I will just continue to park them and use the 130s. If not... why is it only a "north" Florida thing or are these shops like fight club... If its on the downlow I...
  17. Ulfhedinn

    Want to Buy LightMonkey 2W backup light

    Looking to add an extra one to my kit or two if the price is right thanks
  18. Ulfhedinn

    Want to Buy Halcyon mounting straps for argon drysuit inflation 6 & 14

    Halcyon mounting Straps for argon drysuit inflation 6 Halcyon mounting Straps for argon drysuit inflation 14
  19. Ulfhedinn

    Cleaning the DSMB?

    I seem to have a little funk in my Halcyon DSMB. I soak it after each dive but Im not sure if its mold or a little bit of seaweed but I cant get it to wash out. Other then soaking in fresh water... ideas? Someone mentioned pine sol mixed in water.. but.. Im not so sure.
  20. Ulfhedinn

    What shoes-boots with my new Santi Elite?

    Ordered a Santi Elite to replace the Whites. Seems I have flintstone feet 11-12 EEE so I was informed only the neoprene sock would work as they don't make boots wide enough for me. The Whites I used Converse Chuck buts the old pair are not fit for duty anymore and since this is neoprene I'm...
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