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  1. Zman96

    Aqua Safari Pier Accident

    I saw on facebook that a wave collapsed the Arch at the end of the pier, Apparently striking a DM working at the end of the pier. Does anybody have any more info?
  2. Zman96

    St Pete or Clearwater Diving

    I am planning a October trip to the area an wondered if the diving is any good in that area? I did a quick search and didn't see a ton on here about that area. It seems from other searching that it is mostly wrecks, are they decent? Thanks
  3. Zman96

    Halcyon Aluminum Backplate

    Looking for an aluminum back plate for my setup, the steel is just too heavy for tropical waters.
  4. Zman96

    Diver Death in Cozumel 20/07/2015

    I saw on El Policiaco De Cozumel's facebook page that a diver passed away today while diving. Prayers to the family and the other people on the boat who had to witness that horrible event.
  5. Zman96

    Hit By a Boat in Cozumel

    Does anybody have any more info on the person hit by a boat yesterday?
  6. Zman96

    Eagle Rays Schooling Yet?

    Just wondering if the Eagle Rays have been seen schooling up north yet. All I have been seeing mentioned was the occasional 1 or 2 throughout the different dive sites.
  7. Zman96

    Palancar Sharks

    Late last year through early this year there was a small pack of black tips that were hanging around the Palancar sites. I haven't heard them mentioned lately and I wondered if anybody had seen them around. I was lucky enough to see them numerous times on a dive back in Feb and was hoping to...
  8. Zman96

    Destin Diving

    We are coming to Destin next year for a family reunion vacation in May. I am thinking I need to slip out a day or two to go diving. Most of the diving I have done has been in the Carribean, mostly Cozumel. I have been going through old posts on here and tripadvisor and have found mixed...
  9. Zman96

    Burritos Gorditos

    For those of you that are fans of Burritos Gorditos on ave 65, they are moving. They are relocating to ave 5 right next to Isis. He was hoping to be open today, but delays have rescheduled it until tomorrow hopefully. For those that haven't been there, try it. The burritos are huge and only...
  10. Zman96

    Suunto vs Mares

    I have had a Suunto Gekko for a few years, until it was stolen on a recent trip. I am looking at replacing it possibly with a Mares. The Gekko I thought was far to conservative. So my question is: Are the mares algorithms a little more liberal than the Suunto's or are they about the same? Thanks
  11. Zman96

    Cancun to Cozumel Video

    Scuba Tony made an awesome video for folks who are flying into Cancun and going to Cozumel. Just thought I would share it here. Nice Job Tony! How to go from Cancun airport to Cozumel - YouTube
  12. Zman96

    New From Wet Wendy's ..The Thirsty Cougar

    We're open! The sails are still reefed but we're movin'. Come on down and check out the new digs! Today's a perfect day for a great cucumber/jalepeno margarita on the ocean.....thanks everyone for their help with getting The Thirsty Cougar situated:-) 3rd street and Melgar, under Chi...
  13. Zman96

    September 2011 Who is Coming?

    I haven't seen a Who is Coming for September yet, so time to start one. 9/3 - 9/11 - Zman96 + wife - Vista Del Mar - Blue XT Sea
  14. Zman96

    A Lionfish Predator?

    This was posted in an article on Cozumel4you. They haven't put the article on their website yet, just in the weekly email. Could the Mutton Snapper Solve the Lionfish Problem? Could the lowly Mutton Snapper (Lutjanus annals) be the answer to the lionfish invasion? Personnel from the...
  15. Zman96

    200Entertain code ends soon

    Just a reminder according to Orbitz's website the code will expire on March 31st. Travel must be before the end of the year and must be a stay of a week or more. I hope I can get something put together before it ends.
  16. Zman96

    Pool is Closed

    Norte blowing, no diving right now. Hopefully we get get news with the 10:30 report!:depressed:
  17. Zman96

    March in Cozumel, Carnival

    I know its a little early, just trying to see who is going to be on the island. We are planning on being there Mar 1-13. :D
  18. Zman96

    Orbitz Code

    The $200 off code "200entertain" is working again for travel next year. I assume the same rules apply as last year 7 nights plus air.
  19. Zman96

    Trip Thoughts

    I am very late in writing and posting this: We were there the last week of September for a week and as always we had a blast. We stayed at Vista del Mar for the first time and for the money (as part of an Orbitz package $36/ night) and location it was excellent. Spend the extra 8-10 bucks...
  20. Zman96

    A nice gesture

    Many on these boards know this but for those that do not a little reminder: When you are flying out of the airport in Cozumel after your fabulous vacation and you have a few pesos or dollars left, there are white Cruz Roja boxes to drop donations into before you leave. They do a tremendous...
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