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  1. Curacao Sunshine

    The pool is now open!

    From today's press conference..... more info when released The maximum number of passengers allowed to enter Curacao is no longer in force. Until now, only 20,000 passengers a month were allowed. That expires. The PCR test remains in effect. Children under the age of six do not need to...
  2. Curacao Sunshine

    Annual Westpunt Movie Night

    For 9 years, most of the businesses in Westpunt have sponsored a movie night for the residents, families, friends, and visitors. Come to the ball field and join us on Wednesday, October 9th at 7PM. "Bumblebee"
  3. Curacao Sunshine

    Sol Food closing early Saturday 12/8

    Open for lunch and reservations made before 4PM this Saturday, December 8th. If in Westpunt, enjoy dinner at Landhuis Misje, Cactus Cafe, Blue View, or Rancho Sobrino. Hope to see you another time. Happy diving, Sunshine
  4. Curacao Sunshine

    Sol Food late opening on Saturday July 21

    Why? We're having fun with Go West and the PADI Women's Dive Day! Let Go West know if you'd like to join us - 60 guilders/$35 USD for a 1 tank dive to Watamula, lunch at Sol Food and a lot of laughs! We will open at 2:30. Fear not, there are other wonderful restaurants in the area. Trio...
  5. Curacao Sunshine

    Tall Ships Curacao

    The tall ships will be leaving Curacao this Wednesday, July 18th. Some of us are headed out on the Pelican to see them on the seas, sails unfurled! If you'd like to join us, contact Grace We toured a few today, magnificent! Can't wait to see the 10 ships and the...
  6. Curacao Sunshine

    Womens Dive Day Westpunt Curacao

    Hey Divers! Saturday July 21st is the International Womens Dive Day! Go West Diving and Sol Food have a wonderful program scheduled. Laughs start at 10AM followed by photos, a dive at Watamula, and lunch! A special price of $35 USD (60 guilders) for us gals and the men who appreciate us! Looking...
  7. Curacao Sunshine

    Dedicated Curacao Forum

    Didn't notice at first but..... thank you Scubaboard for designing a Curacao forum board along with the Bonaire forum within the Lesser Antilles board. This might take a bit time to get everyone to follow but I'll be looking for you all there or here in Westpunt! Curaçao
  8. Curacao Sunshine

    Music in Westpunt this Monday

    Spending Thanksgiving week at the West end of Curacao? Normally the nights are quiet but on Monday, November 20th, the island icon Juni Juliet will be performing at the community center in Westpunt (next to the ball field). Come dance and rock the town with us, 7 to 9 PM Wine, beer, soda...
  9. Curacao Sunshine

    Sol Food Vacation plans

    Hello West End divers! We are headed back to NH for our grandson's HS graduation. Sol Food will be back making pizza and grilling fish on Friday, June 16th. Happy Diving! Sunshine
  10. Curacao Sunshine

    Curacao Dive Sites

    We've been on the island of Curacao for almost 10 years (!) and using Jack Jackson's dive site book as gospel. Well, with many addendum regarding the sites according to Sunshine.... A friend, Bryan has developed a new website and Facebook page. He is in the process of updating the info on sites...
  11. Curacao Sunshine

    Marriott Curacao closing for renovations

    Marriott closes after North Sea Jazz
  12. Curacao Sunshine

    Looking for a favor before Friday, July 17th

    Saturday, July 18th is the PADI Women's Dive Day. We gals are going to celebrate in Westpunt Curacao with a dive at Alice In Wonderland. I'd love a few things from Amazon to add to the theme. Would anyone have some spare space in their luggage? If Beyonce was a diver, she'd sing: All the diving...
  13. Curacao Sunshine

    SeaLife Micro HD+ camera

    New camera for a new photographer comes with a lot of questions. Hopefully I attached the photo.... Anyway, are the checkerboard squares from cropping or sharpening or have I done something else?
  14. Curacao Sunshine

    2013 Coral Spawning Curacao Not for me but perhaps for others. Sunshine
  15. Curacao Sunshine

    Jeep tank holder

    Anyone ever build a tank holder for the front or back bumper area of a wrangler jeep? Kinda like one of those fishing pole holders?
  16. Curacao Sunshine

    Underwater Photography article highlighting macro shots in the West end of Curacao

    Guy here is the link I promised you.... Must Do Diving in Curacao for the Underwater Photographer|Underwater Photography Guide Scubaboarders, enjoy Stan's great description, photos and suggestions. Another wonderful article, Stan!
  17. Curacao Sunshine

    Sol Food on Vacation!

    David has been in NH for a week mountain biking with 2 of the boys. I arrive today with 2 others for 2 weeks of vacation time! Sol Food be open again on August 3rd. We'll be camping part of the time and not have internet. Y'all play nice now while we're gone :)
  18. Curacao Sunshine

    A first for any of our Curacao Mules (Kentuckey, WV, GA)

    Heard from NE that the shelters are full after the tornado and they are euthanizing puppies. They (NE)were looking for temporary homes until a few litters of labs could make their way north. But, anyone willing to pay for the shots and bring one down to Curacao? Hand luggage :)
  19. Curacao Sunshine

    Divers Germany to Curacao?

    Anyone coming in February or March? We're looking to have someone bring down 2 weight pockets - no weights. I can have them sent right to your door. Thanks! Sunshine
  20. Curacao Sunshine

    Sat 11/26 Westpunt Curacao

    We've found that many divers are active people. David and the Westpunt Riders are sponsoring 2 Mountain Bike Races the weekend after Thanksgiving; Adults on Saturday at 3PM and Children (to 15 not those forever young!) on Sunday at 7:30 AM. If you are a biking enthusiast, please bring your shoes...
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