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  1. dive_gorilla

    Scuba Diving Magazine back issues 2005

    I have 10 issues of scubadiving magazine from 2005 that I'm selling on ebay. This set happens to have both September issues which had two different cover shots of Jessica Alba for Into the Blue. The link is Scuba Diving Magazines 2005 with both Jessica Alba Cove - eBay (item 170468435011 end...
  2. dive_gorilla

    Climate Change

    As divers, we're more in tune with the environment than most people. I think the only other group who observes changes in their environment as much as we do are farmers. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or as it is commonly referred to in th enews as Copenhagen is...
  3. dive_gorilla

    Changes in your diving area

    Went out on Columbus day for a dive at my favorite site on the east coast of Korea called Daejin. I've been diving here for four years but I noticed (finally) that things aren't the same. What really got my attention were the trumpet fish. I've only seen them while diving in Jeju about 250...
  4. dive_gorilla


    Been diving a few years, new to scuba board. I'm American, I live in Italy, I work and dive in Korea. I'm an SSI Instructor and a PADI Assistant Instructor. It's temperate here but Jeju Island to the south is more tropical. Summer you can dive a 7mm and winter requires a dry suit. I'm...
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