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  1. GrafCanuck

    Monthly Vacation Rental in Bonaire

    My wife and I have been going to Bonaire since 2018, excluding 2020 & 2021. We are now both retired and would like to spend a month on the island early in 2022. Ideally we are looking for a 1 bedroom with full kitchen and either on the ocean or at least with ocean views. Preference is to be...
  2. GrafCanuck

    Sarnia St. Clair River Dives

    Moved recently to west London. Does anyone dive the St Clair River in Sarnia these days. I've heard of the SUC but their Facebook page is over a year old.
  3. GrafCanuck

    Private PADI Instructor Wanted for AOW Course

    Are there any private PADI certified Instructors available between April 8 to April 12 to teach the AOW course to 1 diver. Already have the AOW (2016 version) manual. Will be staying at Captain Dons.
  4. GrafCanuck


    Looking at doing the PADI AOW certification while down in Bonaire next month. I understand that there are 2 mandatory dives - deep and navigation. The other 3 dives are electives. The LDS has informed me that I need to purchase the educations materials (aka AOW manual) through PADI. I have a...
  5. GrafCanuck

    Buddy Diver(s) Wanted

    My wife and I will be staying at Captain Don's between April 7 to April 14, 2019. I'm a PADI O/W certified with 25 dives. My partner is a non-diver. I'd like to find a buddy or buddies to dive with between Monday April 8 and Saturday April 13. I'd entertain any shore dive on the island and...
  6. GrafCanuck

    Wetsuit Hood Recommendations

    Looking at purchasing my first wetsuit hood. 90% of the time I will be diving in the Caribbean in 75+ water temps. I'm thinking 3mm or maybe go up to 5mm. From what I gather in reading some of the posts on here is to stay away from a bib style. I'm looking for manufacturer recommendation(s)...
  7. GrafCanuck

    Moving to London

    My wife and I are moving from the north GTA to London in July. I'm a PADI O/W diver who is planning on getting the AOW card in Bonaire this April. I have a couple of questions. 1. Are there any scuba clubs in the immediate area? and 2. Are there any dive sites in Lake Erie or Huron about an...
  8. GrafCanuck

    Want to Buy Shearwater Petrel 1 or 2 - Closed

    Looking for a Petrel 1 or 2 in good working order. Note the shipping location is Toronto, Canada.
  9. GrafCanuck

    Sending out a Canuck Greeting

    Hi there ScubaBoard Community. New to the Board. O/W certified in 2017 while in Curacao. Was in Bonaire last month and had a fabulous time both in and out of water. Thus far enjoy the reads and advise. Hoping to connection with new dive buddies locally for some freshwater excursions in 2018...
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