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  1. Carbomb

    Coral Spawn 8-9 Sept???

    HP, I am attaching a chart that shows the coral spawning based on types. It comes from STINAPA in Bonaire. Enjoy, Carbomb
  2. Carbomb

    Coral Spawn 8-9 Sept???

    I have been trying to find info on the Coral Spawn in Belize, using the moon charts it looks like it will occur around 8-9 Sept. Does anyone on the SB have differing information? I have been in Curacao for this event and it is a great night diving adventure.
  3. Carbomb

    TIR Trip Report

    HP, Thanks for the great info...I think a couple beers, Jerk chicken and A/C would be perfect after the flight.....Regards, Carbomb
  4. Carbomb

    TIR Trip Report

    Redgym, Thanks for the great report! My wife and I leave on the 5th of Sept for a week at TIR. Is it possible to stay at the airport a little longer than get dropped at the dock? Is there someone from the resort to watch the luggage/dive gear while you waited for the other arrivals? OK now...
  5. Carbomb

    Roll Call; Turneffe Island Resort 5-12 Sept

    My wife and I are heading to TIR for the week and we are looking to connect with other SB members to dive with.
  6. Carbomb

    Great deal at Turneffe Island Lodge!

    Hi All, My wife and I booked TIL for the week of 5 Sep; couldn't resist the deal, also got airfare $300 pp for AA from DC to BZE...WOW! As for the bugs; We have used a natural repellant called Cactus Juice, it has worked for us in Bonaire, Florida, Curacao, is the link for more...
  7. Carbomb

    Greetings from the Washington DC area

    Mike, Go there and get your regulator and take it to another shop. I have been following your plight with this dive shop. If you live in the NOVA area, go to VA Scuba or NOVA Dive Center. Stay away from AWS and tell all your friends to also stay away. My situation could have ended with the...
  8. Carbomb

    Anyone been to Turneffe Island in late Oct

    Thatch Caye..Thanks for the information, would you recommend an early Sept or mid Nov trip? I plan on getting trip insurance because of possible hurricanes. Thx, Mark
  9. Carbomb

    Anyone been to Turneffe Island in late Oct

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Turneffe Island Resort in late Oct and were wondering what the weather is like in Oct and if anyone else from the SB was planning to go in that time frame. It will be our first trip to Belize so any information would be appreciated.
  10. Carbomb

    Hello from Northern VA

    Welcome to the board...lots of local NOVA folks here!
  11. Carbomb

    Bonaire vs. Curacao

    We had the same dilemma a few years ago and chose Curacao. It was a good choice, CUR is a great place and Porto Mari became one of our favorite places to plop the non-divers in the sand or the bar, then dive (we could get fresh tanks right there at the dive shack). On another trip, we left...
  12. Carbomb

    Dive Operation in St Thomas

    I'm looking for a Dive Operation close to Bluebeard's Castle? I need one with lockers to store gear so we don't have to lug it up the hill at the Castle. Any suggestions?
  13. Carbomb

    Is it safe to go there?

    I attached a US State Dept link that should be helpful for anyone traveling abroad. Regards, Mark Country Specific Information
  14. Carbomb

    Greetings from the Washington DC area

    DivingPrincess, I actually live in Reston, VA and like you work in DC. I read your post about diving with Blue Island. I changed my dive plans and now plan to dive with St Thomas Dive Club. Thanks for the heads up! I use Sterling Silver Scuba; all retired military like myself... DA...
  15. Carbomb

    Greetings from the Washington DC area

    Hello to all, I just joined the SB and have already learned more about St Thomas, USVI. My wife and I are planning a trip to STT and want to know about the local dive shops and anything else you all can shed some light on. Warm regards, CB
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