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  1. -Moe

    What's in the upgrade?

    I know all about keyboard shortcuts but it's annoying when one forgets to use it. Many good forums have this option.
  2. -Moe

    What's in the upgrade?

    I was hoping there would be a setting to always open a new tab in the browser when opening a topic. That way I just close it and the topic list is right where I left it.
  3. -Moe

    Shark Cage Diving? Not for me!!!

    You can't hide your escape with a brown out if it's trapped in your wetsuit. That's like an octopus wearing a diaper.
  4. -Moe

    In pool trim check

    Does it make sense to do some experiments in a pool before ocean diving? In other words does positioning of weight pouch locations and proportioning of weight distribution still transfer although the total weight itself will have to be adjusted for salt? All gear including exposure...
  5. -Moe

    Anyone going to Roatan? Looking for dive buddies or deals

    If only more shops and instructors actually taught OW like this Canadian shop. Recreational Diving Differences – Dan's Dive Shop (
  6. -Moe

    Stealth Travel Bag

    True but a clamshell with a built in combination lock mechanism just needs a little crazy glue in the TSA key hole. :-)
  7. -Moe

    Stealth Travel Bag

    I will never check a bag with zippers... may as well not even put a lock on it. My favorite is the Samsonite S'Cure hard side case.
  8. -Moe

    Divemate on iOS. Need help!

    Were there any fields in Divemate that did not transfer over? Would I still need Greg's help or has the app been updated to handle Divemate importing? As for the Apple decision regarding USB hosts that now actually makes sense. It may even explain Divemate's silence on the issue to avoid any...
  9. -Moe

    Divemate on iOS. Need help!

    I am exactly in the same boat. They sold me a fusion adapter and now won't even answer emails. They are also revising history by removing any mention of the IOS app from their website. I am considering getting a used iPhone that hasn't been updated and transfer Divemate to it just so I can...
  10. -Moe

    Why don't wings have shoulder dump valves?

    I prefer mine on the left side because my computer is on my right arm and I like to monitor my depth and ascent rate while dumping air.
  11. -Moe

    Step-Papa Brag :-)

    Are you that vertical on the surface with your xDeep? Where do you have your extra weight - waist or backplate pockets?
  12. -Moe

    Personal pet peeve

    That's why I like exit rows. Not only do you get the extra legroom but the row in front of you has has non reclining seats for safety reasons.
  13. -Moe

    Best Roatan resort

    Since Utila has a Hyperbaric chamber any dive boat in their waters is a risk.
  14. -Moe

    Is there a wrist pad to help secure dive computer?

    Mares Icon HD computers actually ship with a square little neoprene pad with 2 slots for the strap for exactly this purpose. It would very easy to make one.
  15. -Moe

    Thoughts on the xDEEP Ghost

    XDeep doesn’t have the best website navigation and often their distributors have a better shopping experience. Just Google Ultralight Zen and you will get hits for dealers. They sure talk about it on the Facebook XDeep NX Series Backmount group.
  16. -Moe

    Thoughts on the xDEEP Ghost

    You can use the Zen bladder on the Ghost backplate. In fact they actually sell it as the xDeep Zen Ultralight.
  17. -Moe

    Trip Report Why I Won't Be Returning to Cozumel-Part 1,2&3

    The term "Third World" arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned with either NATO or the Warsaw Pact. The United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Western European nations and their allies represented the "First World", while the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and...
  18. -Moe

    Trip Report Why I Won't Be Returning to Cozumel-Part 1,2&3

    However Powerade ZERO is not a sugary drink.
  19. -Moe

    Lake Huron North Star / Regina Wreck dives

    Also the hand sculling and bizarre finning technique near the end.
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