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  1. Wisnu

    Lombok and Bali Trip Oct - Nov 2021

    Part 1 - the journey. Our last trip to Indonesia was in February 2020. Due to prolong pandemic, no chance to visit again until this October although we managed to visit other countries - not for diving though. Our last dive trip was Liveaboard in red sea, September 2020. Assuming I'm not lazy...
  2. Wisnu

    Is it shrimp?

    Took this pic at Bali, Tulamben slope, 16m depth. Size is less than 0.5 inch.
  3. Wisnu

    Indonesia awards Komodo Airport management project to Changi consortium

    Indonesia awards Komodo Airport management project to Changi consortium so, we can expect direct flight from Singapore to Labuan Bajo.
  4. Wisnu

    Trip Report Trip Report - Get Wrecked with Emperor Superior - June 2019

    We recently joined the Get Wrecked red-sea liveaboard trip Emperor Superior. The Boat The Emperor Superior is a typical red sea liveaboard, very well designed boat for diving. She can accommodate up to 20 divers – but total 17 divers in our trip. Comfortable cabins with shower delivering warm...
  5. Wisnu

    Second stage upgrade

    Hi all, I have been using my Oceanic Alpha regulator for more than 6 years without any problem. Always diving in warm water. I just notice there's small crack on the second stage, I can't find dive shop who selling the same second stage only Is there any problem if I replace the second stage...
  6. Wisnu

    Marsa Shagra - Eid Holiday

    We just returned yesterday from 5 days trip to Marsa Alam. Stayed and dived with Red Sea Diving Safari (RSDS) Marsa Shagra village. Everything work well - from booking, transfer fro Marsa Alam Airport and then return to Hurghada airport was arranged by them. Note - there's only 3 flights a week...
  7. Wisnu

    What's other lens fit Nauticam 7-14mm Dome Port 36133 ?

    My pany 7-14mm is RIP after flooded; so I'm looking the replacement same lens or other. Somebody offer me his used 8mm FE and also I saw an ad for Oly 9-18mm at good price, but I don't want to buy another ports. According to Nauticam website Pany 7-14mm is the only lens fit this port I tried...
  8. Wisnu

    Sharm El Sheik Mid Oct. 2015

    We stayed and dived with Oonaz. The suite room consist of a double room (2 small single beds) and a very small single room. The living room is spacious with small old CRT TV. The chair and sofa are not comfortable. No swimming pool but hotel guess are given the access to the beach shared and...
  9. Wisnu

    EM1 + 12-40mm in Nauticam housing and 6"dome port.

    Why? My fav. lens, pany 7-14mm was flooded on my previous trip; here the story I can't find the replacement here. no zoom gear and no space the extend the barrel; so the lens set at 12 mm and here...
  10. Wisnu

    Dahab, July 2015

    A bit late report to share our first time experience diving in red sea/Sinai. Next will be Hurghada or Sharm mid of October. We visited Dahab July 2015, a short trip - 3 diving day, 7 dives. All went well. Everything was arranged by dive center. The hotel is located on main street, 7 minutes...
  11. Wisnu

    EM1 and Pany 7-14mm in NAEM-1 flooding

    As the title [emoji20] . here is the chronology : 1. On my last diving day we planned to dive blue hole. Normally I activate the vacuum system 30 minute before dive, this time I set up camera and activate vacuum at the hotel (more than 1 hour before diving) 2. Walked to dive centre approx. 5...
  12. Wisnu

    New to red sea diving, suggestion please

    As the title said, I'm new to red sea diving, though not new in SB. 90% of my diving is in Indonesia, from western P. Weh to Raja Ampat. Currently living in cairo, would like to explore this region incl. the underwater. Our first trip will be end of July to dahab. I love easy diving and taking...
  13. Wisnu

    Sea and Sea YS-01 stop working

    I've posted in the manufacturer's forum. In case any of you have similar experience. After more than 3 years (approx. 300 dives) one of my YS-01 suddenly stop working when I was in the water. No leakage. I can feel strobe body was a bit warm and I there's small buzling noise. The focus light...
  14. Wisnu

    YS-01 stop working

    After more than 3 years (approx. 300 dives) one of my YS-01 suddenly stop working when I was in the water. No leakage. I can feel strobe body was a bit warm and I there's small buzling noise. The focus light does not work either. Is there anything I can do or simply I have to say good bye ?
  15. Wisnu

    The Jetty, Padang Bai - in 12-50mm

    The jetty, padang bai is one of the best dive site in bali; mainly for macro but great for WA as well. Normaly the 12-50mm is not my prfered lens. For macro I love 60mm macro or 7-14mm for WA. but I chose this lens with semi dome port for this site as I want to get both macro and WA. No zoom...
  16. Wisnu

    EM-1 with 12-50mm and 12-40mm @ Lembeh

    On our recent trip to Lembeh and Bunaken early August, we carried two cameras, EM-1 and EM-5 with lens 60mm macro, 12-50mm, 7-14mm, 12-40mm; ports 65 macro, 4” semi dome and 6” dome port. I asked my daughter to choose first, and she opted the EM-5 (she thought EM-5 is better than...
  17. Wisnu

    Lembeh, EM-5 w/ 60mm macro

    All pics except the first pic. were taken by my daughter, 14 years old, with EM-5 in Nauticam housing, 2 strobes (YS-02 and Inon D-2000), 60mm macro lens in 4’’ dome port or flat port; and Inon UCL 165 M67 diopter. She does not have much knowledge on the equipment. It is her first time shooting...
  18. Wisnu

    Maumere with E-M5 and Nauticam housing

    Here's few shot from my 3 days trip to Maumere, Indonesia recently. 60mm macro in 4" semi dome port Chromodoris coi 1 by Wisnu Purwanto Family, on Flickr Shrimp 1 by Wisnu Purwanto Family, on Flickr Cowrie 1 by Wisnu Purwanto Family, on Flickr Chelidonura amoena by Wisnu Purwanto...
  19. Wisnu

    Salvador dalis in 7-14mm

    Few shots of salvador dali sponges taken in Gorontalo water, early of March. OMD EM5 with 7-14mm in Nauticam housing and 6" dome port. Yunis and Salvador dali 5 by Wisnu Purwanto Family, on Flickr Yunis and Salvador dali 6 by Wisnu Purwanto Family, on Flickr Yunis and Salvador dali 7 by...
  20. Wisnu

    Boiling and eating egg 24m underwater

    taste better than normal boiling. It's a pressure cooker
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