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  1. 427Dave

    BCD, Regulator, weights, computer, and misc For Sale

    1. Zeagle Ranger Limited BCD. Excellent condition. $901.00 $400.00 Size XL 2. Set of soft weights. 2 each 5# $40.00-------------- $ 25.00 2 each 4# $32.00---------------...
  2. 427Dave

    Headed to Aruba again

    We are headed to Aruba again October 30th and will stay this time until November 20th. :D I will be diving with Unique Water Sports again. :D Is anyone going to be there during that time drop me a note.
  3. 427Dave

    Nassau Bound

    Headed to Nassau this Saturday, November 28. We are staying at Paradise Island Resort. What is water temp there now? Anyone know. What is closest dive opeartion to Paradise Island Resort? We will be there for a week. Going with three others that do NOT dive. My wife may limit...
  4. 427Dave

    Nassau Dive Operation???

    I am planning a trip to Freeport the end of November. Any suggestions on dive operators. I can only find Stuart Cove. Are there any others? I have dove there once before and there was another operator at that time. Thanks for any assistance.
  5. 427Dave

    Back from Aruba/Spirit Airlines

    I am back from a week of great diving in Aruba. Flew out of Tampa with Spirit Airlines (seats too close I am 6'3"), charge $25 per bag to check 1st bagage, charge $10.00 to get a boarding pass earlier than flight time, and charge $3.00 for a bottle of water. :shakehead: They are never to be used...
  6. 427Dave

    Heading to Aruba Nov 8th

    I am headed to Aruba November 8th for a week of diving. Anyone else headed that way????
  7. 427Dave

    Dc 800?

    I know the DC 500 and DC 600 have a problem with using the internal flash in the underwater housing. They both leave a dark area in the lower corner due to the flash being blocked by the housing. Has this problem been corrected in the DC 800?
  8. 427Dave

    Headed to Aruba

    We are headed for our trek to Aruba November 8th through November 15th. Will be diving, as usual, wth Unique. Anyone else headed there that time???
  9. 427Dave

    Pompano Beach Dive Photos

    I went to Pompano Beach and did a little diving the end of April, first of May. I finally got around to downloading my camera and posted a few pictures. Went out with South Florida Diving Headquarters. I would recommend then...
  10. 427Dave

    Diving Pompano?

    Anyone recommend a dive shop in Pompano area. The Lighthouse Cove brochure they sent stated on site scuba dive shop, but not the name of it? Anyone know who they use? I am going to be there April 26-May 3. Plan to get a few dives in. Is there a LDS close that does VooDoo gas fills?
  11. 427Dave

    Question: Diver found in Ginnie Springs

    My wife said tonight on the news she caught something about a diver being found in Ginnie Springs dead. Anybody have any information???
  12. 427Dave

    New Old Geezer Toy!

    I have been without one for awhile, now I have another new toy. Haven't figured out where to carry the tanks:D
  13. 427Dave

    Shark Caught

    How about this: Boy, 12, Reels in 551-Pound Bull Shark 1 day ago WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A 12-year-old Connecticut boy may be the new Florida state record holder for catching the heaviest bull shark. Aidan Murray Medley had a spent a half day at sea Tuesday when he reeled in...
  14. 427Dave

    Alexander Springs Oct 13th

    I am considering heading over to Alexander Springs tomorrow morning. Arrive somewhere around 9:00 am... Any other takers?????
  15. 427Dave

    Paul Gauguin Cruise

    Has anyone considered the PADI promotion Sail the French Polynesia onboard the Paul Gauguin with Jean-Michel Cousteau Sept 2008? I am considering this trip it sounds fantastic.
  16. 427Dave

    Maiden Lake (Lakewood, WI)

    Went diving in Maiden Lake yesterday. Maiden Lake is near Lakewood, WI on highway 32 north of Green Bay. It was a lot clearer than I had expected, about 25 ft. Water temp was 70 degrees until 18 feet, then it got colder. Being a native Floridian I...
  17. 427Dave

    Air Fill in Northeast Wisconsin?

    Anyone know where I can get HP (3442psi) tanks filled near me? I am 75 miles north of Green Bay on highway 32 in Lakewood. It is also about 45 miles northeast of Antigo. Went to Wausau once, about 1 3/4 hour trip. Called a guy in Bonduel but he is going out of business and not there...
  18. 427Dave

    New use for a scuba tank

    Check this out, a new way of using a scuba tank:D
  19. 427Dave

    Reactor Watch

    I purchased a Reactor watch from a dive shop in Crystal River in April 07. The representative was in the dive shop and talked me into the Reactor. I really like how the watch is made. He said the band on this watch would not break. Last week however the band broke into two pieces and...
  20. 427Dave

    Diving in Freeport, Grand Bahamas

    Grand Bahamas Scuba Diving: May 5th, 2007 to May 12th 2007 We arrived and contacted Grand Bahamas Scuba, Fred and Melinda Riger. We went to Silver Reef on Sunday afternoon. This is a shallow reef and a great dive to get your weight and other things ironed...
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