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  1. soamelt

    For Sale 7' Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose

    $100 + shipping I bought used, but decided against the long hose setup so I do not know the history of it.
  2. soamelt

    Atomic B2 whistling

    My B2 makes a high pitch whistling sound while inhaling. The sound is coming from the second stage and it doesn't happen for the entire dive. I've read that piston regs can make that sound if there is either too much/too little lube as well as a problem within an o-ring in the first stage. If...
  3. soamelt

    Nautilus Lifeline VHF

    I have an opportunity to purchase a new Nautilus Lifeline VHF, but it would be coming from Australia. Does anyone know if the Australian variant is the same as the one for the US? Thanks, Greg
  4. soamelt

    For Sale Aeris Gyro octo with 180 degree swivel

    Aeris Gyro octo with 180° swivel $40 plus shipping.
  5. soamelt

    Want to Buy Atomic DIN Conversion Brass

    Looking to buy and/or trade my yoke parts for DIN parts for a B2 or Z2.
  6. soamelt

    Want to Buy Oceanic pro plus 3

    Looking for an Oceanic Pro Plus 3, preferably with quick disconnect. PM me if you have one reasonable priced for sale
  7. soamelt

    For Sale Worthington HP 119 - SE FL

    Worthington HP 119 - $225 Born on - 4/07 Last hydro 4/13 Last Vip - 5/16 Filled with 35% Local pick up only, I'm in Boca Raton
  8. soamelt

    Nitrox for kids

    I have an 11 year that was OW certified last summer. In the research I have done about the potential risks (not including any accidents, etc.) of diving on developing kids, it seems pretty split that it's either safe or there could be issues with built up nitrogen in the tissues and a child's...
  9. soamelt

    For Sale Dive Rite Hurricane DIN w/ Oceanic octo $110

    Dive Rite Hurricane 1st and 2nd stage with Oceanic octo. $130 plus fees and shipping
  10. soamelt

    Cobra 3 vs. Wisdom 3

    Which would you choose and why? I recently picked up a Cobra 3, but haven't used it yet. I don't really like how conservative Suunto's are, but came across a good deal on one to replace my older vyper. It seems like a nice computer, although, I don't know that I'll like the digital compass...
  11. soamelt

    Closed: Zeagle Brigade BCD

    Zeagle Brigade BCD, about 6 years old and 100 dives. Original owner, always fresh water soak and hung inside. The Brigade is a Ranger harness with a Stilleto wing from Scubatoys. I have added the lumbar pad and two 18# weight pockets. Harness size is - Shoulders - large Waist - medium I'm...
  12. soamelt

    Black Ice weight pockets

    I just purchased a Black Ice bcd, but it did not come with weight pockets. Does it use the aqua lung sure lock? Will any size work, it's a ML nice. Thanks
  13. soamelt

    When was the Legend Lx updated last?

    I bought a brand "new" Legend LX ACD from a water sports store that was getting out of the business and had some great deals. The Legend I got had a manufacturer date on the box from 2/2014 and the retail price was around $630 (I forget the exact amount). The part # is 129620 and it looks...
  14. soamelt

    Scubapro miflex hose on non Scubapro reg?

    I just bought a miflix LP regulator hose from someone (thought I was getting an XS), but received a Scubapro one. Should there be any problems using on my Zeagle reg? Thanks, Greg
  15. soamelt

    For Sale SOLD - Atomic Z2 yoke and SS1

    Atomic Z2 yoke 1st and second stage $240 Also have an Atomic SS1 with hose for $165 (pink)
  16. soamelt

    WTB Atomic brass DIN kit

    Looking to buy or preferably trade my Z2 yoke parts for DIN.
  17. soamelt

    Atomic Z2?

    I have two decent regs already, an older diverite hurricane and a Zeagle 50D (although I keep having problems with the high pressure seat even after sending back twice and getting a new one), but can get a Z2 with guage for $300. It's only a year or two old and used one time. Is it worth the...
  18. soamelt

    New fin advice

    I'm finally making the switch from my old split fins I bought over 10 years ago for snorkeling. I think I have it narrowed down to a few, Hollis f2, Mares Power Plana, Mares Excel+ or Avanti/Quattro and am looking for advice to get me through the next 10 years. I do a lot of beach and drift...
  19. soamelt

    Blue Reef Orca Torch 900 Lumens Light

    I'm looking to replace my two Light Cannon HID lights that coincidently both fire died the same night on my pre dive check. I'm interested in some of the cheap Chinese lights, but saw this on Leisure Pro last night for what appears to be a good price and also may be something that has better and...
  20. soamelt

    Lost gear Pompano

    I found some VERY nice dive gear tonight by the showers on the beach in Pompano. PM with location and description if it's yours.
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