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  1. Dyin-To-Dive

    Dive knife in Kauai?

    Can you dive with a knife in Kauai, or is it prohibited? I read some threads that said it was a good idea to take one with you, due to all the fisherman/lines that can be in the water. Thanks!
  2. Dyin-To-Dive

    Adding maps/photos to Icon HD Net Ready

    Does anyone know how to do this using the diversdiary platform on mac? :confused:
  3. Dyin-To-Dive

    Show me your mount!!!

    I'm heading to Kauai in June and I'm looking at different ways to mount my GoPro for my dives. I currently have the headstrap with an extended arm to mount mine and it works well. My problem is that I want some footage of myself underwater and need a different option. I am thinking of a...
  4. Dyin-To-Dive

    Heading to Kauai Hawaii - Can you recommend a dive shop?

    I'm heading to Kauai in June and don't know who to use or where to go. Can anyone reccomend a good dive spot and outfit? Thanks :D
  5. Dyin-To-Dive

    NEW Oceanic Excursion 2

    Up for sale is a NEW Oceanic Excursion 2 BC. This is new in the bag and unregistered :D. I can ship within 1 business day and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. This is listed on Ebay as well and I would happily end that auction early if anyone would like to buy it here...
  6. Dyin-To-Dive

    Is 26 lbs of lift enough?

    I am going to purchase a new back inflate bc any day now and I want to stay streamlined. I just looked at an Oceanic Islander 2 and wonder if it will be adequate for my diving. It looks like an amazing, lite, streamlined bc, but only has 26 lbs. of lift. I run singles and wear a 5mm full...
  7. Dyin-To-Dive

    First Back Inflate BC

    I am debating on whether to buy an Oceanic Excursion or the Oceanic Excursion 2. Is the Excursion 2 that much better? Is it worth the extra $????? Thanks in advance for the input! :D
  8. Dyin-To-Dive

    Trading up

    Tell me what you think experts. I just sold my jacket style Tusa Platina Evolution and bought a Oceanic Excursion bc. I opted for the original not the Excursion 2. I also bought a Zeagle Octo Z. Is this a good setup for a rec diver. I only dive lakes at home and dive at Cozumel once a year at...
  9. Dyin-To-Dive

    !!!!!!!!!!---reef hooks---!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone. I was just looking at a reef hook online and have few questions for anyone willing to respond. Do you use a reef hook? How do you feel about the way they interact with the corals itself? What would you suggest to improve the standard reef hook? What's your input for an...
  10. Dyin-To-Dive

    I need a more streamlined BC!!!

    Hey everyone. I just got back from a week long trip to Cozumel and realized that my new BC may not be the one for me. I purchased a Tusa Platina Evolution BCD and have only used it a few times. What I learned, I am still a newbie, in Cozumel is that my BC is not the most streamlined BC. It's...
  11. Dyin-To-Dive

    I just returned from my trip to Cozumel :)

    :dork2: I had a BLAST in Cozumel! This was my first dive in Cozumel as a certified diver and I couldn't be happier! I ended up using Scuba Tony as my dive guide. This guy is fantastic. I had a blast and felt really safe. He took his time with me and also gave me enough space to grow as a new...
  12. Dyin-To-Dive

    HELP!!! I'm in Cozumel with a foggy camera housing!!!

    I just went on my first 2 tank dive here in Cozumel and noticed that my Ikelite housing is fogging on the lens inside the housing. I don't have silica packets and don't have access to them. What tips/tricks can I employ to stop this??? I'm on a dream vacation and really need some help:(
  13. Dyin-To-Dive

    Favorite dive sites in Cozumel

    I'm heading to Cozumel in late June and I'm thinking of using either Divepalancar or Scuba Tony. Either way, I don't want to waste any time diving the "typical tourist" sites. I only have 2 days of diving lined up and don't know where the best dives sites are. I know I can just ask the dive...
  14. Dyin-To-Dive

    Red filter depth question

    I have an upcoming trip to Cozumel for a week and am taking my Kodak Zi8 w/ an Ikelite housing. The housing came with a red filter. Here's my question. This will be the first time using this camera in the ocean and I don't know if there is a certain depth I need to hit before I slip on the...
  15. Dyin-To-Dive

    Nitrox Tank Question

    I just got certified a little over a month ago and I already want to get nitrox certified. I bought a tank recently and don't know what all I can use it for as far as the mixes go. I bought a Catalina 80 aluminum tank. Do you have to buy a special tank just for nitrox fills, or can I use my...
  16. Dyin-To-Dive

    Where to dive in Northwest Arkansas???

    Hey all. I am new to diving and new to NWA. I hear that Beaver lake is an ok place to dive, but I don't know where on the lake to go. Any suggestions? Also, if you know any good places other than beaver that are close to NWA, please let me know
  17. Dyin-To-Dive

    New diver from Arkansas

    Hey everyone. I'm new to diving and from LANDLOCKED AR. I recently dove for the first time in Cozumel 3 times and am horribly hooked. Too bad all I have to choose from at home is a small selection of semi-clear lakes.:depressed: I am completely hooked and am ready to put some money into my...
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