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  1. wardric

    Suunto SDM 1,6

    Thanks Sven, will try to install on my new computer first. thank you. Eric
  2. wardric

    Suunto SDM 1,6

    Hi everyone, I know I will sound like a dinosaur but has anyone still got the Suunto SDM 1,6 software that I could download? Can't find it on Suunto's website. Also, are my old files compatible with the new software or is a conversion of some sort needed? Have had a pause from diving lately...
  3. wardric

    TekDiveGirl / Kimber Hawkens Thurman

    I never had the chance to meet Kimber in person. I will always regret it. Like many others, I met TekDiveGirl in the MOF thread and a friendship developped. After her scuba accident, being less on SB, I still followed her progress on facebook. Lately, I had decided I should send her a...
  4. wardric

    Jon Aguirre - JONIX to SB.....

    Sorry to hear about that. I remember Jonix from the days when PPDs would entertain the inFamous MOF thread during night time (in the west). RIP and condolences to friends and family
  5. wardric

    Transplate, transpack , or basic harness and why

    to take off weight on the belt, I plan using a steel 100 tank, a steel backplate and single tank adapter plus my 2 weight pockets (5+5). So there shouldn't be much left on the belt. Just need a rig easy to get in and out and comfy.
  6. wardric

    Transplate, transpack , or basic harness and why

    Thanks everyone for all your awesome answers. I tought the Transpac was used with a backplate too like with the transplate. To be more precise, I bought a backplate (steel) and a single tank adapter along with a wing and a basic harness a few years ago. Never got the time to set it up and...
  7. wardric

    Transplate, transpack , or basic harness and why

    Hi everyone, I want to use a backplate for numerous reasons. Now, what do you recommend between the many options dive rite offers? and why would it be better? I dont do cave or wreck diving, I am not very flexible altough working on it, and I dive about 50 times a year. I do mostly...
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  12. wardric

    Well Wishes And Thoughts Of Love And Encouragement For Jim And Cheryl Garin

    Hey Mr Puff sir, get well soon. Best wishes to you and your family from your North-of-the-border friend. Eric
  13. wardric

    Ever been caught without FQAS?

    I think it does not apply to non -quebecers, yep, Quebec IS a distinct society... just not always for the right reasons...
  14. wardric

    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    Sincerest condolences to you and her family and friends :(
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  17. wardric

    diving after brain surgery

    My friend and long time buddy passed away this afternoon after fighting as much as he could. He had sold his diving equipement recently, knowing he was done with this sport and had not much time left. He enjoyed a last tropical vacation 2 weeks ago, at a place we had gone diving many times in...
  18. wardric

    Happy Birthday DivingPrincessE

    Happy birthday Em! :balloons:
  19. wardric

    diving after brain surgery

    Thanks all. He has been visiting this thread and I know he appreciates your help.
  20. wardric

    diving after brain surgery

    Thanks Lynn, searching for answers about the effect of pressure on his headaches is a way for him to be distracted from the situation and to cope with it. I was diving this summer with him and at the surface, he was a bit dizzy and wanted to go underwater asap since he knew the pressure...
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