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  1. kidsdream

    WTB OMS Slipstream fins XL

    PM me I have a set with spring straps that I am willing to let go of.
  2. kidsdream

    DPV - Dive-X Sierra Scooter

    Adding some pictures. $1500 + shipping.
  3. Dive-X Sierra - Travel Case

    Dive-X Sierra - Travel Case

    Ready to travel
  4. Dive-X Sierra

    Dive-X Sierra

    View with Gage/Compass mount
  5. Dive-X Sierra

    Dive-X Sierra

    Main View
  6. Dive-X Sierra - Motor

    Dive-X Sierra - Motor

    Clean as a can be
  7. kidsdream

    Tesla home battery pack and DPV battery pack Technology

    Just read this thread. A fantastic read for sure. As others have said, building small volumes of anything is a tough go - without high margins to cover your costs - materials , direct & indirect labour, SG & A, capital amortization and profit - you may not nbe around for very long. Even...
  8. kidsdream

    DPV - Dive-X Sierra Scooter

    I am looking to sell my never flooded Sierra. Its in good condition and it includes the travel case. I have two batteries, one that burns for 30+ minutes depending on load. The other is pretty weak but would be the perfect core for a rebuild (Rabbit Tool builds them for Dive-X and does the...
  9. kidsdream

    Books FS - Understanding Rebreathers & Exploration and Mix Gas Diving Encyclopedia

    I am making an effort to thin out my herd of stuff. Selling a mint copy (never got around to reading it) of Understanding Rebreathers by Jeff Bozanic - Looking to get $48 which would include shipping and fees. I also have a copy of Tom Mount's Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia -...
  10. kidsdream

    WTB - Fiber Optic Cable for Inon S2000 to S&S universal mount

    Let me see what I've got. I'll try to post an image up. Just something lying around from a strobe package I bought. Not looking for much, just actual shipping + few dollars
  11. kidsdream

    Training Charter with Doppler

    Ok. I am very interested in this. I tried to arrange a similar charter a couple of years ago. Jeff
  12. kidsdream

    Deaths at Eagles Nest - Homosassa FL

    Having read quite a few posts on this thread, I thought a short comment might be appropriate as many of the posts are truly irrelevant or display a total lack of understanding of cave diving protocol. This terrible tragedy (not really an accident) was a case of totally flawed, bad judgement by...
  13. kidsdream

    Sidemount or Backmount?

    A couple of thoughts and info/experience. Like some of the other people, I frequently dive different configurations depending in the conditions, or type of dives being accomplished. For cave I converted to SM a couple of years ago. I find the over all stability and balance significantly...
  14. kidsdream

    Bent. I guess it really can happen to me.

    Jim, Made a comment that strongly indicated that diving using your computer as your primary reference was not suggested or even fool hardy. My inference that you apparently did understad was that a high percentage of cave divers do in fact dive using their computers as their deco reference...
  15. kidsdream

    Bent. I guess it really can happen to me.

    Jim, Just wondering if you have any cave certifications and have done any significant overhead/cave diving. If so, how do you practically or "realistically" use tables for those dives as a planning tool? Jeff
  16. kidsdream

    In 2013 are you using a tech computer (as a computer) or BT for your tech diving?

    I dive with 2 Shearwater's in computer mode. When doing OW (wreck) deco dives, I cut tables using V-planner that I use as reference. For cave dives I'm all computer as I trust the devices and they allow for some changes to the plan on the fly (any possible alternatives have been pre-reviewed...
  17. kidsdream

    When do you call a dive trip?

    Cam, You did the right thing. If its not right its not right. And I would have been very surprised if they even went out in the end as the weather was very sketchy.
  18. kidsdream

    Spring M & G Garage Sale

    Not sure what size rock boots I need. I would think around a size 10if they are sized to you foot size. If you can bring them with you that would be great. Jeff
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