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  1. marsh9077

    Shearwater Petrel 2; strange surface interval

    Just did a normal battery change in my Petrel 2 and the surface interval now says 999 days which is defiantly no the case. I have sent and inquiry to Shearwater but in the mean time figured I would check on here to see if anyone else has seen this or knows the reason for this? Firmwear is up to...
  2. marsh9077

    Dry cave and UW cave helmet mounted light options??

    Hey guys I know there is lots of info on dive primary lights on this site but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions/experience with helmet mounted lights that work as primary dry cave lights but can also be taken diving. Right now I am just using several cheap Orcatorch lights bunged to my...
  3. marsh9077

    Tubular webbing size for stage rigging hose clamps

    Hey All, This is kind of a strange question but figured if anyone knows the answer it would be on here. I have pretty much worn through the tubular webbing protector sleeves on my stage rigging clamps so I figured I would replace it with some regular tubular webbing. Yes I know DGX and some...
  4. marsh9077

    Orcatorch lights

    Randomly came across these backup style lights on LED Back-Up Lights Products Piranha Dive Shop | Not really in the market for one but they sparked my interest and I was curious if anyone has any experience with them; quality, lum output, burn time, durability etc.? I am assuming they are...
  5. marsh9077

    Azoth O'Dive personal doppler

    Currently in the process of organizing to be sent a sample O'Dive - The first connected sensor for personalised dives to try I was wondering if anyone else has had any experiences with using one of these. Pro's, Con's etc. Nice explanation Oh Deco, Oh Doppler, O’Dive: Assessing the World’s...
  6. marsh9077

    GoPro Housing -- Golem Gear Any Good??

    Hi All, Newer Gopro user here (but long time DLSR user) I was given a Hero8 and have been looking around at housings just to have a quick and easy no hassle point and shoot action camera. I do a lot of sub 100m diving so I am mainly looking at Isotta, Iqsub, and Golem Gear housings. I have...
  7. marsh9077

    Watching movies underwater on your phone

    Hi guys, I did a little search on this and could not find much so maybe I missed previous threads on it so sorry in advance. Anyways my question is what setup are people using for watching movies underwater. I have some friends that are using the Dri-Dock brand phone bag thingy with water...
  8. marsh9077

    Housing/Camera for deep photography. Need help

    Hi guys, I am brand new to underwater photography but not new to photography. I have been shooting wildlife photography for about 6 years now currently shoot 1dx mark 2's one with a 600 mark 2 and another that I alternate between a 70-200 mark 2 and 200-400. I am super familiar with canon and...
  9. marsh9077

    Piranha P2

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a scooter and the Piranha P2 has really caught my attention as I really like the tool battery system, the modules allowing me to upgrade to more run time in the future or take a module off for short dive run times. The "cruise speed" run time of 257min is...
  10. marsh9077

    Print out for Apeks o-rings size chart

    Hi All, I recently came across a great resource from Kieran at Diving in Depth. DIVING IN DEPTH - Dive Equipment Sales & Support for sizing up JJ orings and loved it especially since the JJ o-ring kit is just big bag full or o-rings and you have to play the game of find the size your looking...
  11. marsh9077

    Want to Buy WTB: 18 lbs wing

    Hi All, I am looking to to buy another used 18lbs wing, looking for an Argonaut, Oxy Cheq, Apeks D18, or something similar to those. If you have one laying around your looking to get rid of message me. I have shipping address in the US, Canada, and Australia, and can make payment in any of...
  12. marsh9077

    Want to Buy Apeks DST Regs DIN fitting

    Looking to buy Apeks DST 1st stages with DIN fittings. Send me a PM if you have any for sale. I really am only looking for the first stages, no hoses, SPG's, second stages, etc. however if you do have XTX50 newer model second stages I might be interested. I have both a US and Australian address...
  13. marsh9077

    JJ and Pelican 1607 case

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has used a Pelican 1607 for a JJ. Just wondering how the fit was, total weight, etc. Thanks
  14. marsh9077

    Dive Rite Lights LX20 and CX1 O-ring sizes

    Hi All, Hope I am putting this in the correct area. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knows the O-ring size number for dive rite lights LX20 and CX1? I am assuming Dive Rite uses an AS568 o-ring size??? Thanks!
  15. marsh9077

    Oceanic OCI o-ring size

    Hi All, I have noticed the OCi computer is a battery eating machine, Seems like I am chasing it out all the time. Does anyone know what the o-ring size is so I can just buy a pack of them for a few bucks instead than paying $30 ever time for the way over priced ocianic battery kit. Thanks
  16. marsh9077

    Webbing for harness

    Sorry if this has been asked befor ahead of time. Anyways its time for new harness webbing, so all I need is the webbing material no hardware. I was looking at Strap Works since they sell there products on amazon. looks like they have three kinds Polypropylene, Flat Nylon, Polyester. And all...
  17. marsh9077

    Size small aluminum backplates

    Hi all, I’m sure this has been asked already so sorry I’m advance. I am looking at getting my girlfriend a backplate that actually fits her. She is about 5’1” on a good day and very small build. A standard backplate litteraly take up her whole back and she find the bottom of the plate digs into...
  18. marsh9077

    Want to Buy Apeks DST 1st stages and XTX50 2nd stages

    I’m looking to buy two Apeks DST 1st stages DIN fitting also looking for XTX50 secound stages (newer generation with the rectangular purge button) if they have hoses or SPG great but not really needed. Send me a PM. I am based in the USA and Australia so I can make payment and take delivery in...
  19. marsh9077

    Another Negative Buoyant Fin Question

    I am looking for the most negative buoyant fins on the market. Right now I find on sidemount with 4 to 5 regs upfront I am just tipping face first. I am using X-deep classic and have actually scooted the wing as far up my back as possible but still able to reach the dump valve to try and get...
  20. marsh9077

    Tech diving around El Nido and Coron

    Hi Guys, New to the board so bare with me. Anyways I am going to the Philippines in April for 3 weeks and will be spending a majority of my time in El Nido and Coron because it looks beautiful. Obviously I will be doing some diving but diving is not my number one priority I love traveling...
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