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  1. Dean810

    Milwaukee Caissons

    Has anyone dove them?
  2. Dean810

    In San Francisco area first week of June

    I'll be in San Francisco the first week of June and would like to do some diving. I was thinking Monterey or someplace similar. I have never dove in the area. Most of my dives, about 475, have been in the Great Lakes or in the quarries. I have dove Puget Sound. Any ideas? What are dive...
  3. Dean810

    Haigh April 27 or 28

    I'd like to dive there this weekend to see if my drysuit got fixed. Who will be there?
  4. Dean810

    Haigh Quarry March 18?

    The quarry will be open and I will be there. Anyone else??
  5. Dean810

    The Buccaneer sinks!

    For those that don't know, we sank the Buccaneer yesterday about 9 miles from Burnham Harbor off of Chicago. This was about four years of work to make this happen. The Buccaneer was originally owned by the Coast Guard and was used to hunt down Rum Runners during Prohibition. At one point, it...
  6. Dean810

    Haigh, Nov. 1st?

    Anybody interested?
  7. Dean810

    Save the World-Scuba Program for At Risk Youth in Chicago

    Help Change the World-Instructors, AI’s, and General Volunteers Needed! Again this year we are attempting to establish the S.T.A.R.S. (Scuba Training for At Risk Students) program in Chicago. For those that are unaware of S.T.A.R.S, this is a program that has been in existence for 6 years...
  8. Dean810

    Cris Kohl to speak at CSM April 20th

    The Chicago Scuba Meetup Group's April meeting will feature Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg. Joan and Cris are a husband and wife team of Great Lakes maritime historians and underwater explorers. They have been guest speakers across the U.S. and Canada, and their work has appeared in numerous...
  9. Dean810

    Buoy on the Morley?

    Does anyone know who places the buoy on the George Morley off of Greenwood Beach in Evanston? Does anyone know when they do it? I would like to bring a group out there early in June, and it would sure be nice to have a buoy on it.
  10. Dean810

    Lynn Funkhouser-January CSM guest speaker

    The Chicago Scuba Meetup speaker in January will be Lynn Funkhouser. Lynn Funkhouser was inducted into the inaugural Women Divers Hall of Fame. She is an internationally published photographer, author, lecturer, environmentalist, adventuress, and leader in dive travel. She specializes in...
  11. Dean810

    Chicago New Years Day Dive

    Who will be going to the New Years Dive in Chicago this year?
  12. Dean810

    Haigh closing for the season

    This weekend will be the last days for Haigh Quarry to be open until March (ice permitting). I and a few others are planning on showing up Sunday to close the place down. Who else will be there??
  13. Dean810

    Northerner and Mahoning November 1st

    I am going to repeat myself a little here from my comments I made on Duane's Dunderberg report, so sorry to those that read that already. Did probably my last charter of the year yesterday on the Northerner and Mahoning up in Port Washington, Wisconsin. This was my second trip to the...
  14. Dean810

    All Day Milwaukee Dive Sept. 6th

    All day charter on the Enterprise sailing out of Milwaukee (Jerry's dock). Dale has held the cost at $150 (plus $5 meetup group contribution). We will be doing the Car Ferry plus 3 other dives, or 2 on the Car Ferry plus 2 others, our choice. Fairly advanced depth, 125' or so. Deposit required...
  15. Dean810

    Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg-CSM guest speakers

    The next meeting of the Chicago Scuba Meetup Group will be June 16th. Not only will we talk about the activities we are planning for this year, but we will also have extra special guest speakers Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg. Cris has spent a lifetime documenting and writing about shipwrecks in...
  16. Dean810

    Bill Prince

    I just heard from another forum that Bill Prince, captain of the Nordic Diver charter, has passed away. My understanding is that it was from a heart attack while he was taking a rebreather course at Lake Wazee. Does anyone else have any information?
  17. Dean810

    My first Lake Michigan dive of the season

    Technically, this wasn't my first Lake Michigan dive this year. I did do a 13 minute dive on New Years Day near the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, part of an annual event. But this was my first time out on a boat and on some wrecks this year. My first attempt in April got blown out, so this...
  18. Dean810

    Door County-2nd annual Scuba Meetup Adventure

    Hello all, We had so much fun last year, we had to do it again. The Chicago Scuba Meetup Group is planning it 2nd annual Door County scuba weekend on June 20-22 up in Gills Rock, Wisconsin. We will be diving with Dive Diva and are planning on three dives on Saturday and two dives on Sunday...
  19. Dean810

    Haigh is open!

    For those that have been waiting, Haigh Quarry is open! Nearly all the ice is gone now, except for a small section along the deep end, but it is disappearing fast. I did two dives today, water was about 41 degrees. Viz was "ok" but I expected better. I think it could be that the recent ice...
  20. Dean810

    New Years Day dive Chicago

    Anybody got news on this yet? I heard it is planned, but haven't heard the details.
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