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  1. JohnN


    Maybe with your right turn signal on too?
  2. JohnN

    Planning a trip to Curacao

    We will be making our 6th trip to Curacao this January. Get a car and shore dive, tanks shouldn’t cost more than $10 and almost all the sites dive boats go can be reached from the shore. If you like to dive, you’ll make up the car rental price with one dive/day I like to stay in the Boca Sami...
  3. JohnN

    I’m Layla.

    I just have to do it. . . (I'm a geezer, but one of my all time favorite albums)
  4. JohnN

    I’m Layla.

    WAAAAY off topic, but were your parents fans of Eric Clapton ?
  5. JohnN

    Fatigue, Old Age, Sleep?

    Sr. Mick said it well. . . ."What a drag it is getting old. . . "
  6. JohnN

    Question What are Komodo/Raja Ampat diving conditions like in late March / early April?

    My 'bucket list' trip to Komodo/Raja Ampat/Triton Bay that was scheduled in November was cancelled and is now tentatively re-booked to late March / early April 2022. It does seem possible that the Covid S**T show may be at a level allowing tourist travel by then. This seems to be the...
  7. JohnN

    Silicone neck seals. Too tight if they roll?

    Thanks and an update. . . I was always puzzled that it was primarily my left foot that gets wet, and when I (tried to) wear dry gloves, my left glove liner also got soaked. I bet you can tell where this is going. . . The exhaust valve (SiTec) on the suit wasn't tightened very well and is a...
  8. JohnN

    Bali opening?

    OK. But if you can't go anywhere else (except Bali), what's the point
  9. JohnN

    Bali opening?

    Sorry for the partial hijack. . . I understand (or think I do) why Bali is part of the early opening, but why Raiu? It seems in the middle of nowhere.
  10. JohnN

    I found this on AliExpress. . .

    Nope. I'll gift you the thing for the price of shipping. . .:crafty:
  11. JohnN

    I found this on AliExpress. . .

    Yes, an incorrectly listed item. What they were selling was a semi-rigid 'plate' with a series of weight pockets. It was intended to go between the backplate and the tank. Because it requires an STA, it is of no use to me. I disputed the order and received a full refund
  12. JohnN

    Silicone neck seals. Too tight if they roll?

    After a week of 3 dives/day in cold water, that annoying leak that leaves me with wet feet on a two tank day dive, has me upset enough to try to do something about it. My silicone neck seal does roll on me and apparently my neck is too short to get it pulled down enough to lay flat Is this a...
  13. JohnN

    32650 battery problems. . .

    I called the local battery store (should have done this first). 3.2V nominal is correct for a Li-Fe battery, 3.7 nominal is correct for a Li-ion. The higher voltages are there because there is no load presented by the voltmeter.
  14. JohnN

    32650 battery problems. . .

    I just bought an additional 32650 battery for a camera light. The battery is marked 6000 mAh 3.2V. When fully charged, I measure the voltage with no load I'm getting about 3.85 V, my other fully charged unmarked 32650's are measuring ~4.2 v Needless to say, the camera light won't turn on...
  15. JohnN

    Learn early to trailer a boat

    In That kid could certainly give me lessons about how to backup a trailer !!
  16. JohnN

    Recommendations for Nautilus/lifeline?

    #4. Yeah, maybe GrubHub will deliver I’d put a signaling mirror as #2 and drop the LifeLine
  17. JohnN

    For Sale 8x new unprotected 18650 NCR18650GA 3400 10A, $50 SF pickup

    and until someone puts them on a second rate charger
  18. JohnN

    For Sale ScubaPro Tech shorts Should fit 34-36" waist $50 shipped

    My ass is too big for these. Very good condition.
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