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  1. 2airishuman

    My journey away from lithium-ion lights

    When I started diving a few years ago I purchased a number of lithium-ion dive lights from Dive Gear Express. They were a mixture of the DGX600 and DGX800 lights. Nearly identical lights are sold under various other brands. They're bright with Dive Gear Express claiming 600 and 800...
  2. 2airishuman

    Unusual vintage twins

    Unusual tanks I have just seen for sale locally. Never seen anything quite like these.
  3. 2airishuman

    For Sale Vintage (1969) U.S. Divers LP52/LP53 cylinder

    Hydro recently expired. Made by Walter Kidde 22 lbs empty 3AA1800 52.8 cf at 1980 PSI 6.9" diameter 23.75" high Buoyancy with valve empty approximately +3 Buoyancy with valve full approximately 0 (neutral) weight empty 22 lbs Original liner has been removed by shot blasting Valve not included...
  4. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! HP13 cylinder, Worthington X4-13, 3AA3130

    For a very brief time Worthington made a series of small X4 and X5 high-pressure cylinders. These were 3AA cylinders and therefore have a thicker wall than most HP cylinders and have negative buoyancy. Like other galvanized HP cylinders of that era there is a round-out process that must be...
  5. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! LP1.8 with yoke valve (I-valve). Yes, 1.8. Current hydro

    This 3AA-2100 cylinder has 3/8" tapered threads and holds 1.8 cf. It comes with a high-pressure 3/8" to 1/2" adapter and a vintage I-valve. Cylinder was manufactured in 1960. Last hydro was on 10/17. You may find this useful for keeping regs pressurized while soaking them in a small sink...
  6. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! 7/8" Dive Rite Style Manifold

    As my cylinders come up for hydro I am reconfiguring some of them. I have a twinset with a 7/8" neck manifold. I am planning on replacing it with ordinary Thermo non-modular valves, and therefore can offer this extremely rare item to someone who needs it. This is an early Dive Rite pattern...
  7. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! Highland doubles bands for 6.7" diameter cylinders LP72/LP85

    I have decided to break up my smaller doubles and am offering these bands for sale, including hardware. $100 including priority mail shipping in the USA. (Bands and hardware only, cylinders and valves not included)
  8. 2airishuman

    Mantus Marine dive compressor

    Just found out that Texas-based Mantus Marine has entered the compressor business and now offers a marinized compressor that runs on 13A 120V for a free air delivery rate of approximately 1.2 cfm (extrapolating from manufacturer's claims). The compressor weighs 63 pounds including motor and...
  9. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! Older size S and size M jacket BCs - $25 each

    Scubapro size S and US Divers size M buoyancy compensators. These are older BCs and do not have weight pockets. My kids used them and have recently upgraded. The Scubapro one was being dived regularly this year, the US Divers was in the water last year. $25 each + $5 box + actual ups Or pick...
  10. 2airishuman

    For Sale Calypso VI regulator sets

    Last serviced in 2016. Both have been in the water in the last few years. They were breathing well and had been shimmed for correct IP. The recall for the seat retainer has been performed. Service parts are available from Vintage Double Hose. #1 - SPG reads 200 PSI low. Newer style exhaust...
  11. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! Conshelf and Sherwood 1st and 2nd stages

    All need service and are complete (#3 & #4: except for parts included in the service kit). Regs show signs of use including some marks on the chrome. #3 - Conshelf XII. $10 #4 - Conshelf XIV. $25 #5 - Sherwood 1st stage, working last time I put it on a tank a couple of years ago, unknown...
  12. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! J valves, DIN valves, Yoke valves

    All valves have been disassembled and serviced in the last five years and are complete and working except as noted. J mechanisms leak slightly in most cases. Most tank O-rings are due for replacement. All have 1" npsm threads. 1 - Dacor J valve with knurled handwheel. Single outlet PRD...
  13. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! Doubles bands 7.25 with hardware

    I have an extra set of standard 7.25" doubles bands with stainless steel hardware. $50 obo plus shipping. They will fit in a large flat-rate box.
  14. 2airishuman

    SOLD!!! Worthington HP40 galvanized steels - extremely negative buoyancy

    I've had these for several years and find that they don't fit my diving style. They are about 9.5# negative when empty. $75 each for tanks including stage hardware (no valves), local pickup or you pay freight. I can ship these UPS to most destinations in the USA for $30-$40 for one tank or...
  15. 2airishuman

    Why the uncomfortable inflexible straps on BP/W and other gear?

    I was pondering my kit today. It's been five years since I threaded the one-piece webbing harness through my backplate. I used the very stiff, single-layer nylon strapping that is widely used and recommended for the purpose, and have for five years endured having it cut into my shoulders while...
  16. 2airishuman

    Parts and service for DSS gear

    What are the alternatives for obtaining parts and service for DSS gear? In particular: Repair service for wings with leaks Correct replacement parts, such as the elbow and gasket, which has slight dimensional differences from the ones sold by DGX and others that will lead to leaks due to the...
  17. 2airishuman

    High quality lights using AA, AAA, or C NiMH batteries

    My DGX800 light failed after several years of use ::shrug:: Nothing lasts forever. I have come to the conclusion that Li-ion batteries are not necessary for the type of diving I do and so I would like to take this opportunity to switch to a light that uses NiMH. I have had excellent results...
  18. 2airishuman

    Tank storage for high-rise dwellers

    Some possible life changes coming up due to kids graduating from high school. We may sell our house and get two modest condos or townhouses so we can split our time between Minnesota and Florida. We are looking at high-rise condos at least on the Minnesota end for reasons of overall cost...
  19. 2airishuman

    Emergency O2 in Minnesota

    Does anyone have recent experience getting emergency oxygen fills in Minnesota? Scuba Center in Eagan previously offered this service but no longer does so and I am having trouble finding anyone that will work with me. I have scrip from an MD and also have a pilot's certificate (which some...
  20. 2airishuman

    Is it worth the trouble and expense to carry emergency oxygen?

    Recently the local sources I have for medical oxygen fills have discontinued offering the service, citing concerns about compliance with state laws and regulations. The SCUBA shops that have oxygen will no longer put it in cylinders with medical valves. Since I do not have (and have no...
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