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  1. Jun Lao

    Photography with the Huawei P20 Pro and Weefine Dive Case

    hi everyone, just wanted to share was able to bring my Huawei P20 pro underwater thanks to the Weefine UW housing, after that weekend, I'm quite convinced using mobile phones for more serious underwater photography is plausible, here are some samples i've included a quick review about...
  2. Jun Lao

    Tubbataha video on a pre loved Canon 5Dmk2

    recently purchased a pre owned mk2+15mm and played with the video much. Despite its age, it still churns out great reels. Quite noisy during low light (coron kokuzuna maru shots) but overall, still an awesome cam for video. Do select hd on bottom right corner, settings icon (ist) of pop up menu...
  3. Jun Lao

    Tubbataha transition trip video aboard Oceana Marina

    was fortunate enough to find a slot in this fine fine boat- Oceana Maria Scuba | Dive Liveaboard Philippines | Tubbataha, Apo Reef, Pescador. thanks to boljakool here is a post trip video of the trip IUvDOedKpgk lots of special finds like hammies, guitar fish and a last day appearance of a...
  4. Jun Lao

    cheesy Layag Layag Twin Rocks Anilao video

    wG1YLSvp9yk :D vis was exceptional despite amihan
  5. Jun Lao

    Strobeless Compact s95 goes head to head with a 5DMk2

    sharing a David meets Goliath just for fun video comparing a USD500 compact Canons95 in ikelite vs a USD12k 5D mk2 set up:D jK9us0ZY9XM
  6. Jun Lao

    Anilao 60D+Tokina 10-17 dslr video

    sharing my short video shot three days ago with my eos60d with the best fisheye lens ever - the tokina 10-17 been shooting video for 2 years with compacts..., but this one really put a smile on my face Ob5GXwEIQ6o loving full hd, complete manual exposure control, dslr video is the way to go...
  7. Jun Lao

    60d with a 60mm first try

    thanks to Ozziworld, I was able to test my new ikelite housing with twin ys110s using his 22 year old Ikelite port, i'm surprised how good 60mm captures macro, no teleconverters nor close up lenses used, first time dslr user coming from an oly compact, lovin dslr, its true what they say, dslr...
  8. Jun Lao

    Olympus xz1 and pt-050 - philippines metro Manila area

    For sale in metro Manila only, xz1 in pt050- ph25,000 100 dives, well kept, not a scratch on camera, housing usual wear and tear scratches but no deep ones, buttons flawless, religiously rinsed with freshwater after every dive, Throwing in a inon hot shoe for focus light attachment, comlete...
  9. Jun Lao

    Dive Philippines video, why you should dive PH

    Hi peeps, just sharing a short video made on scenes from dives in Anilao, Bohol, Dumaguete, Malapascua, Oslob, Pescador, Puerto Galera, Subic & SumilonWhen starting, I've initially thought diving outside the Philippines was better because of videos posted on youtube, especially in Bali and...
  10. Jun Lao

    Parting with my XZ1, final scenes

    its been a great run, me and my oly xz1, but there comes a time pns just doesnt have enough dynamic range and low light capabilities for some shots. really wanted more out of video, but alas, time to move on. Final scenes captured (95%) by my xz1 ZfgpJqiXAJQ hope you like it.
  11. Jun Lao

    Humpback whales of Babuyan islands?

    question, has anyone tried diving with the humpbacks of Babuyan Islands? apparently they arrive April, May-June seemingly the best time till July thoughts on jumping into the blue with them, plus with dolphins?- was with a dive pro from palau last week and we were talking about jumping from...
  12. Jun Lao

    Best Settings for Olympus XZ1 HD Video sample

    Hi peeps, just a bit obsessed on trying to take the best video with a XZ1, so just posting some clips shot 2 weeks ago, think this is the optimum you can get out of the oly in terms of video vVkM1CRQ7a0 the frogfish shot at 6 mtrs, the nudis were at 20 mtrs, the ribbon moray at 15 mtrs, set...
  13. Jun Lao

    Vietnam Dives... Is it worth it?

    Generally posting for a dm friend based in Nha Trang. He is a freelancer and gets everything ready if you inform him 3 days in advance. More for the enthusiast underwater photographer (appreciates slow dives, critter hunting, long dives). Also, if you're in the area (Saigon) and have no one to...
  14. Jun Lao

    Olympus XZ1 Sucks... makes me want to dive every single day... I'll lose my day job because of this camera Sleepy Hollow by Yagit Diver, on Flickr block the sun by Yagit Diver, on Flickr close encounter by Yagit Diver, on Flickr abyss by Yagit Diver, on Flickr balcony by Yagit Diver, on Flickr stay...
  15. Jun Lao

    Sale -Pre loved Canon G9 and WP-dc21 housing

    Php25k only, both Camera (G9) and U/W housing (Canon WEP-DC21, available Dec 26-28 at Manila Philippines only, both with boxes manuals receipts, Well Kept and great find meet ups Makati, Katipunan, Marikina rfs- upgrade to lumix lx3 or if budg permits gf1 more info (pics price contact)...
  16. Jun Lao

    Best way to Koh Tao and recommended resort?

    Hi peeps, Currently based in Ho Chi Minh VN for work and with the looming Christmas holiday ahead, I plan to dive Koh Tao this period, Any tips on the quickest way to get there from vn? recommended dive resorts, prefer the more private ones regards Jun:D
  17. Jun Lao


    been a lurker for some time now, i'm fairly a new diver with close to a hundred dives :) based in the Philippines, i've been a gypsy diver diving from one group to another. I enjoy taking pics and vids and want to connect with more people as passionate as me with scuba. Cheers :) Jun
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