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  1. Firefyter

    Communications Issues with Blue Angel?

    Am I the only one having communications issues with BA? I sent an email last Saturday asking about diving reservations. I was looking at booking my trip (air and room at BA) through Orbitz, and wanted to know the protocol for adding my dive package to it. I didn't know if I just needed to let...
  2. Firefyter

    Recommend computer to replace N2ition?

    Like the title says, I'm looking to replace my N2ition. As everyone with a Seiko computer knows, if you run Win7 64 bit, you are screwed when it comes to ever using that $150 clothespin again. I cannot understand why Seiko would be so obtuse as to not fix this issue, but that horse has already...
  3. Firefyter

    Cssp 07/25 - 07/26

    I'll be tent camping out there this weekend, and diving Saturday and Sunday. I'll be on the east side by the trees, so stop by and say howdy. I should get there early Saturday afternoon.
  4. Firefyter

    Happy Birthday TwoBitTxn!!

    Happy Birthday, Tom. Many happy returns, my friend.
  5. Firefyter

    Lionfish at Punt Tunich today

    I was out with Jose from Blue Angel this morning and we found another lionfish at Punta Tunich. It was just hanging around under a coral head. It wasn't very big but it looked like it had a pretty full belly. We didn't have a bag with us but Jose is going to go back and get it. Pretty fish I...
  6. Firefyter

    Saturday, 04/18/09 NE Texas Diving??

    Is anybody up in this neck of the woods gonna get wet Saturday?
  7. Firefyter

    Sunday 12/28/08

    Anybody diving around NE Texas or SE OK tomorrow?? I'm dying to get wet...
  8. Firefyter

    Caribe Blu / Blue Angel 06/02 - 06/08

    I'll be staying at Caribe Blu and diving with BA. I arrive late Monday afternoon and plan on hitting the water first thing Tuesday morning. I'm gonna be there alone, so I plan on getting as many dives in as I possibly can through Saturday, including as many night dives as possible. If anyone...
  9. Firefyter

    This weekend 04/19 - 04/20/08

    Anybody else diving up north this weekend? I'm gonna dive all weekend, probably gonna camp at CSSP Saturday night unless somebody's going somewhere else.....
  10. Firefyter

    Happy Birthday ScubaTexan!!

    Happy Birthday Ken, Hope you have 100 more and I get to be a pallbearer at your funeral!!! :D :hb2::dancingsnoopy::rock_band
  11. Firefyter

    CSSP Saturday 01/12/08?

    I'm planning on going out Saturday to try out the DS I bought, if anybody's interested I'll be in the usual area....
  12. Firefyter

    Slow Loading?

    Is it just me, or are the pages a LOT slower to load nowadays? It's almost like it takes forever to load, maybe because of all the graphics? They used to load really fast, now it takes 10-15 seconds for a page to load, no matter which computer I use......
  13. Firefyter

    Cssp 08/05 & 08/06

    I'm going out to the pond this weekend, probably both days if anybody's interested. I'll be at the usual hangout on the west side. I should be there by 09:00 Saturday, probably earlier Sunday. I'll try to get a pavillion, but I'll bring my EZ-Up just in case. Look for my blue Jeep.
  14. Firefyter

    CSSP Saturday 07/22/06

    I'm gonna get out there by 8:00 or so if anybody's interested. I'll be in my Jeep over on the west side, somewhere around the usual spot.
  15. Firefyter

    Cssp Sunday 07/09/06

    I'm going out there Sunday morning, I'll leave here as soon as I can get off work at 07:00, probably be there between 08:30 and 09:00. I know several people are going out Saturday, but duty calls so I can't. Anybody interested in a Sunday dip? I'm gonna try out my new BP setup, see how she flies....
  16. Firefyter

    N.Texas Swampers going to Coz in June?

    I'm looking to make a trip, anywhere from the 12th of June to the end of the month, and wanting to stay 5 or 6 nights. I've looked at Christi's hotel and dive packages, and was planning on doing it on the cheap since my wife isn't going this trip. Anybody else in this neck of the woods...
  17. Firefyter

    Help with overexposed picture.

    I have a shot that I took in Cozumel last week of a shark that is severely overexposed. I had been taking pictures in the swimthroughs, and when I came up into the light, there he was just gliding over the reef. I snapped a quick pic before he got too far away, but it's barely recognizable...
  18. Firefyter

    CSSP 08/06 or 08/07 (or both)

    If anybody's interested, I'm going to be out there Saturday for sure, and maybe Sunday as well. I'll be at the usual hangout, the last wooden dock before the plane on the north end.
  19. Firefyter

    CSSP Saturday 06/11

    Anybody going? I have to work Friday, but I'm off all weekend. Not sure I'm gonna go, but if I find a good excuse to get wet......
  20. Firefyter

    CSSP Saturday 5/21

    I'm gonna be at CSSP Saturday if anyone is interested in joining me. My wife is going to be doing her first dives of the year. I have to get her back in the water so she'll be ready for Mexico later on this year. I should be there by 10:00 or so at the usual location on the west side. We're...
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