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  1. 993guy

    Shark identification help

    I've been searching for shark identification media. Looking online I found this Shark Identification Guide for Mexico and the Caribbean | Defenders of Wildlife (click on download the pdf link), it's just what I want unfortunately it's in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish. Anyone know where...
  2. 993guy

    C - card question

    I just got back into diving after being out for about 20 yrs. I was originally certified in '83 [PADI (international) OW & AOW] and dove for several years after that, back when you were rarely asked for your C-card and log books were optional. I did take a refresher course that included 4...
  3. 993guy

    Returned to Fla and back diving

    First certified in the Philippines in '83 when I was in the Navy. After returning home to FL in '84 I continued diving for several years until work made that difficult. Now I'm retired and back in NE FL, taking up diving again. Took a re-cert course last month (and glad I did) and taking...
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