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  1. Dive Right In Scuba

    DRIS - Black Friday 2021 Deals... what's new today.

  2. Dive Right In Scuba

    Black Friday Sale 2021 - Starting Now

    Black Friday is starting early, and it is going all week long! We'll be LIVE each Mon. - Wed. 12pm CT to show you some of the hottest deals of the day. Join us live here! That is not all... We are adding new deals every day here:
  3. Dive Right In Scuba

    Luxfer Ceases Production of Scuba Tanks

    Luxfer has ceased making scuba tanks. As an FYI, Metal Impact cylinders have the same buoyancy characteristics and are a fantastic substitute! Search results for: 'metal impact'
  4. Dive Right In Scuba

    Black Friday GOING STRONG!

    Our deals are the best we've ever had! So many manufacturers this year, and HUGE savings!! Free pool time, free Lifetime Warranties on Drysuits, Free Service on Regs, Big wallet SAVINGS on almost everything. If there is something you're wanting, and you don't see it on sale....just ask...
  5. Dive Right In Scuba

    February 29th Chicago dive Expo!

    Unfortunately, the Our World Underwater Scuba Show in Chicago has been cancelled, but don't worry, DRIS is going to still put something on between our 2 stores! We will have Manufacturer seminars, inwater pool demos, Public Safety Demonstrations & Seminars,Gear Servicing, Swim and Fitness...
  6. Dive Right In Scuba

    Shearwater Factory Walk thru - 2/12/20

    Don't miss our Facebook live event tomorrow, at 3pm central time where we will do a Factory walk thru of Shearwater! This will be live, interactive, and fun! So bring your questions, learn more about their new products, and come see what lives behind the hottest dive computers on the market...
  7. Dive Right In Scuba

    Black Friday is here, The Most Deals EVER!!

    Mad Mike Slashes Prices! Well, we made it to the BIG Day, Black Friday. Mad Mike is at it again with our biggest savings yet. WATCH NOW The Essential Package Valued at $999.99 Includes: BCD Regulator Computer Octopus We are giving away one at each location. Generously donated by Aqua Lung...
  8. Dive Right In Scuba

    Deals, deals, and more deals!!!

    Call Us (815) 267-8400 Mad Mike Slashes Prices! Who is MAD Mike? He's the guy that bursts out of drysuits giving you incredible prices. He's the guy that let's his team throw stuff at him. And, he's the guy saving you BIG bucks. WATCH NOW The Essential Package Valued at $999.99...
  9. Dive Right In Scuba

    Day 2 Crazy Deals, can you believe it?

    Call Us (815) 267-8400 Mad Mike Slashes Prices! Mad Mike is at it again! He is tossing out crazy deals (and hats). You definitely don't want to get caught sleeping on these deals! WATCH NOW DEALS STARTING TODAY Manta Reels 15% OFF!!! Discontinued Legend LX Only $444.95!!!! $15.00...
  10. Dive Right In Scuba

    Black Friday Has Begun! See Today's Leaks!

    Below are some of today's deals that just started. Check back daily for more, or click here to see EVERYTHING as it comes on sale every day. 2019 Black Friday Scuba Gear Sales - Dive Right In Scuba Call Us (815) 267-8400 Visit Us At Our Two Locations 24222 W. Lockport St., Plainfield, IL...
  11. Dive Right In Scuba

    Need a drysuit? ~ Round table discussion for you!

    It's been awhile since we've done one of these, and I get lots of phone calls weekly asking to bring it back! Well, It's just been the dive season, so it's been busy and hard to get back here. I do know lots of people are looking for drysuits, and that season never really ends for us here in...
  12. Dive Right In Scuba

    Arctic FREEZE - Come FB Live about it

    It's a warm -51 degrees here outside of Chicago, probably the coldest place on the planet today! With that, we will be doing our weekly Facebook Live here at the shop and talking about Coldwater diving! Hop over to our FB page, and click the REMIND button to be notified, or head over at 3pm...
  13. Dive Right In Scuba

    FB Live w/Shearwater tomorrow!

    Don't miss it, 3pm central tomorrow we are doing a FB LIVE with Curtis from Shearwater! Come learn more about the brand, the products, accessories, and ask your questions and get LIVE answers!! We look forward to seeing you tune in! Just like our page, and at 3pm it will pop up that we are...
  14. Dive Right In Scuba

    2 Wings in one!

    This is a really unique and innovative product we had a lot of fun working on, and a lot of your fellow Scubaboarders had a chance to help with product testing! The Mirage dive wing gives you 2 wings in one, just swap the outer cover! Checkout the video. Don't tell anyone, but this will be...
  15. Dive Right In Scuba

    HUGE Black Friday Sales ~ Day 2

    It's getting better everyday!! Click to see all sales: 2018 Black Friday Scuba Gear Sales - Dive Right In Scuba Light Monkey All Products Save 20% OFF SHOP NOW USIA Aqua Sport Drysuit $579 Save $320 SHOP NOW Atomic Aquatic All Regulators Free Parts and Labor for 5 Years!!! SHOP...
  16. Dive Right In Scuba

    Black Friday Scuba Deals ~ Day 1

    Day 1 is here, lots more to come everyday at midnight leading up to Black Friday! Stay Tuned You can see everything already on sale here in an easier format: 2018 Black Friday Scuba Gear Sales - Dive Right In Scuba Hollis LED 1200 Canister Light Free Backup with Purchase SHOP NOW DRIS...
  17. Dive Right In Scuba


    Getting an early start on the Black Friday sale, the team at Edge/Hog has come out with some great promos! Masks, regs, gauges, BCDs, bags, knives! Check it out below: Sales Landing Page
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