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    Surf’s up on 7 Mile Beach today

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    You aren't missing much....

    Dive this coming week just cancelled for the 4th week in a row due to tropical storm/hurricane activity. Longest and most active storm season down here since they started counting. Going from bad to worse for the dive shops.
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    No diving today....

    Thanks to Eta. Storm arrived a couple of hours ago and is supposed to peak over the next few hours. Winds should stay below 60 mph if all goes well (and when does that ever happen). We have 5 palm trees down on our property so far. This will make the third week of no diving but hopefully...
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    Cayman: Surf Capital of the Caribbean

    Seven Mile Beach is normally calm as a lake... But thanks to Zeta, today it's Surf City.....
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    Cruise ship dock project cancelled for now

    One of the few/only side benefits of COVID .... Premier: No referendum on Election Day - Cayman Compass Having no cruise ships and local boats operating here the past few months seems to have had a very positive effect on the reefs and marine life. I've done several dives the past couple of...
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    Dove North Wall today!

    Was finally able to get a dive in now that the island is open for diving. It felt great just being under the water, but both dives were fantastic and the marine life was teeming. We did Eagle Ray Pass and were rewarded with two large spotted eagle rays swimming side by side along the wall...
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    Own a piece of your own Cayman dive resort!

    In case you have a spare few millions hanging around. Or maybe now is not the time.... From the latest Compass newspaper:
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    Central Caribbean Marine Institute live broadcast open to public

    Cayman's CMMI is now broadcasting live lectures weekly about reef health CCMI opens lecture series to the public - Cayman Compass
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    Central Caribbean Marine Institute live broadcast now open to public

    Cayman's CMMI is now broadcasting live lectures weekly about reef health...
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    Why did my camera housing flood?

    Hoping I might get some insight here as to why my camera housing flooded. I use a Seafrogs (Meikon) A6XXX Salted Line housing with my Sony A6400. The housing had been used on only 4 dives with no problem before flooding this time. I have the vacuum pump system, and the housing held...
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    New A6400- first time use - awful results!

    I’m an experienced land photographer who decided to try underwater photography a couple of years ago. To keep it simple I started with an old Canon S110 P&S and Canon housing, shooting RAW with ambient light. The image quality was very good, but never great (see a couple of examples below), so...
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    SOLD!!! Canon PowerShot s110 & Canon underwater housing

    Canon PowerShot s110 and Canon underwater housing (WP-DC47) for sale. Includes camera battery and charger, and silicon grease for housing o-ring. $US 225.00, plus shipping from Boston, MA and transaction fees, if any. PayPal F&F, please. This is a great inexpensive set up for introducing...
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    questions about VPS-100 pump for 6xxxx salted line

    I have been using an old Canon s110 point & shoot and a Canon housing just to get used to underwater photography. That housing is a simple set-up with a fixed port and one primary 0-ring around the housing enclosure that I cleaned and greased before every dive, as it took only about 5 minutes...
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    Lion fish tournament June 6-7

    If you'll be there and are certified, join the hunt! Cullers needed for next lionfish tournament
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    going from zeagle express tech to ss bp/w - what to expect?

    I’ve been diving with a Zeagle express tech with the (essentially weightless) polymer backplate and 24 lb horseshoe wing on my last 100 or so dives. Diving in a 5mm full wetsuit, I use 12 lb of weight (2 lb on each shoulder and 4lb on each hip), and have been able to establish good buoyancy...
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    Getting through Cayman customs/immigration may be getting easier

    ‘Intelligence-led’ approach for new border agency | Cayman Compass
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    Women divers set world record in Grand Cayman

    Women divers set world record in Cayman | Cayman Compass
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    Dive op recommendations near St. Tropez?

    We will be vacationing in Plan de la tour, France in September and were hoping to fit in a dive in or around St. Tropez. I haven't been able to find any info about diving in that area on SB, and the only op that comes up from a web search is European Diving School. I emailed them for info, but...
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    Cayman customs getting easier and faster

    At least they seem to be making an effort to speed things up... Customs form scrapped for most Cayman travelers | Cayman Compass
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    Owen Roberts Airport departure lounge opens

    Departures lounge opens as airport takes shape | Cayman Compass Getting a little better all the time....
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