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  1. Pearlman

    Purchasing Dive gear in the Maldives?

    Hi Folks I didn’t see a thread on anything but diving so opening this thread. I am looking at buying either of RK3 or Scubapro Nova fins and perhaps my first backplate mount setup like Mares XR Single or the Xdeep Zen for example. Just an initial short list of models/brands but happy to look at...
  2. Pearlman

    Is this a Foxtail Rabbitfish?

    Is this one a peralspotted or foxtail rabbitfish? Or Neither? Indonesia, about 20m depth...
  3. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Trying to ID this fish (not the bannerfish but the slender fish). Location - Indonesia, Depth - approx 20m. Thanks!
  4. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Hey Folks Attaching a screengrab. Help me ID this. Thanks!
  5. Pearlman

    How to measure temperature of my video lights precisely?

    Hi Folks So I want to experiment with many different WB settings than native with my Gopro and the results with post-processing. Like 4500/5500K and observe how my color grading results look. I use a red filter UW FYI. I have some video lights that use CREE XM-L2(U4) LEDs. Checking online...
  6. Pearlman

    Help me ID this fish

    A few quick flip throughs the "Reef Fish ID Topical Pacific" didn't help me spot the fish. Filmed at Gili Isle Indonesia - What are these fish? Thanks
  7. Pearlman

    Gili Isle day 1 scenes

    Hi Folks Finally managed to learn how to handle a DVE a bit. Here is the first days diving compressed into 9 mins. Shot wide on a Hero 3+ with no LCD viewfinder, just 'Aim & Frame'. The wide angle means no delicious close-ups of marine life but you get to see the underwater landscape with...
  8. Pearlman

    H7B and overheating ...

    Folks I got a H7B recently. Unfortunately I dont know how I missed all the Internet reports in plain sight - about the overheating problem - So many of them littering the Internet its appalling that I missed them all. Upon unboxing I found that I am unable to even charge it completely without...
  9. Pearlman

    Seasick immediately after surfacing?

    I recently did a dive last month - as soon as I got into the boat, I was queasy and nauseous even as I took my BCD off (to the point I could barely sit up after bracing my arm for support) then some 20 mins later I threw up thrice, once with projectile force. The trip to the dive site was a...
  10. Pearlman

    Where in Bali - New Strap for Hollis DG03

    My next dive vacation is coming soon and my Hollis DG03 strap is broken. Is there such a thing as a universal strap that can be used as replacement? Whats the best place in Bali for DC repairs that might have lots of spares for diverse brands? I know the dive gear shops on google but I think a...
  11. Pearlman

    Camera shopping Bali/Sanur?

    Planning a Bali trip next month. Whats the best place to pick up a lx10 and inon wet lens ? Or perhaps a sealife dc2000 rig? yet to decide which. Or is there a good online shop that delivers in 48hours to the hotel reliably? I may also want to pick up a housing if I go for the lx10 ... Thanks P
  12. Pearlman

    Diving options for mid August?

    I am planning a dive vacation in mid-August but staring at a blank slate of ideas. What destinations in S.E Asia offer good diving conditions at this time or close to peak season? Weather-wise lack of squalls, typhoons, thunderstorms ? Thinking either Malaysia or Indonesia. Done Sipadan...
  13. Pearlman

    Apo Reef from Puerto Galera?

    Most travel sites list Coron as the take-off point for a diving LOB to Apo Reef. If I don't want to take a flight out of Manila - Is there a LOB from Puerto Galera? What are the Cons (and Pros)? Thanks
  14. Pearlman

    Andamans Havelock diving restricted?

    Hi I was making inquiries and an agent told me that diving is only allowed within 3 nautical miles at Havelock & Neil Island. Now I don't want to go there only to do dives at not the best sites with the potential for bleached corals etc. Question is do the good dive sites fall in this 3n.m...
  15. Pearlman

    Preventing backscatter with helmet mounted light?

    Hi All I use the gopro on a stick with a torch mounted right below. Since both the torchlight and gopro lens point in the same direction inches apart. shooting in waters that are not crystal clear becomes problematic. I am thinking of solving this problem by using a scuba/cave helmet with a...
  16. Pearlman

    Cuttlefish Waltz

    Finally I started processing my gopro videos from 2014 onwards .. hopefully I will have one new video ready every week. Here is the first one I uploaded - this one is from 2015 from an afternoon dive at Richelieu Rock in Similan Isles. Gear was GoPro Hero 3+ with SRP Dome Red filter on a...
  17. Pearlman

    Best dive shop in Bali for Shopping?

    Ok my next dive vacation is planned, tickets booked. Now I have a shopping list of nick-nacks for double $$ items. What is the best place around Kuta with lots of (multibrand) choice? Stuff like reg.necklace, bcd mini weight pocket to stow my macro and red lens filter, coiled lanyard clip etc...
  18. Pearlman

    How to clear lens after surfacing?

    Hi All I've some what would have been excellent footage from my dives, those moments immediately on surfacing (especially at sunset) - ruined by the water lingering on the housings lens area of my GoPro Hero 3+ (standard housing). No matter how many times I rubbed the housing with my thumb or...
  19. Pearlman

    UW Navigation - SDI or SSI?

    Hi Folks, I am thinking of doing a UW navigation refresher course for my upcoming vacation at Koh Tao. I am looking for some training that is more than rudimentary which involves practicing the skills on the surface drills. I already did navigation as part of AOWC years back but never...
  20. Pearlman

    Are wireless Air transmitters compatible with any brand?

    My Hollis DG03 decided to go on a dive just as I was removing the watch from the case to wear for a dive this May. It stayed on a dive for 24h on surface ignoring all my key presses until I opened the back case and removed the battery. While I figure where to ship it for servicing in Asia, I am...
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