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  1. Hockeynut

    I like guns.

    They're awesome. What I want more than anything is and one of these
  2. Hockeynut


    I think I'm going to go to Cozumel. Unless I never recover to the point where I can dive. That would suck. Anyhow, I'm going to go to Cozumel.
  3. Hockeynut

    The Official 2011-2012 NHL Hockey thread.

    And dedicated to The Boogie Man, Derek Boogaard. RIP Buddy!
  4. Hockeynut

    Happy birthday hugh!!!!!!!

    OK It's tomorrow but with a great man like Hugh Hefner, we need to start early. Only God knows what kind of world this would be without you!
  5. Hockeynut

    10/11 nhl hockey thread!!!!

    OK I'm ready for that freakin puck to drop. And I'm hunting for a new team because lets face it, the wild are going to suck. (Well, I hope not but I'm in touch with reality) And in other news, HOW ABOUT THEM JUNIOR NORTH STARS!!!!
  6. Hockeynut

    Oil Spill Stopped!!

    They put a giant wedding ring on it and it's not putting out anymore!
  7. Hockeynut

    Happy Birthday Chuck!!!

    When Chuck Norris sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and includes only a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack. Chuck Norris has not had to pay taxes, ever. Happy Birthday Chuck!
  8. Hockeynut

    09/10 NHL hockey thread

    OK, Pre season has started and we're under a month until it starts kicking ass again. I predict the Minnesota Wild will win the Stanley Cup this year. Hey Joe, the Wild stomped on Chicago the other day!!!! Gee, that should be a Wild uniform! Here it is!
  9. Hockeynut

    Stick It To Cancer

    To my fellow SB members, While we may spend our time online bantering back and forth, and teasing, each other, I want to let you know about a seriously important cause that is close to my heart, yes, I have a heart. My 12 and under girls hockey team, The St Croix Coyotes is playing in the...
  10. Hockeynut

    It's amerz's Birthday!!!!!

    well, 40 minutes still, but she's east coast! :D:hb2::hb2::hb2::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons: Happy Birthday!!!!
  11. Hockeynut

    ohmdiver's Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Buddy! I figured I better do one here to, since not everyone is a DNY member.;)
  12. Hockeynut

    What Would Your First Act Be?

    If you were the newly elected President. I heard this on a radio station this morning and some of the people had some hilarious stuff. So here is what my first official act as president; I would make the official spelling of the word "Team" 'T' 'E' 'I' 'M' so that there...
  13. Hockeynut

    Happy Birthday gitterdun!!!

    :balloons::balloons::balloons: Here's Boogey beating the **** out of somebody, just for you!
  14. Hockeynut

    The Official "LOST" Thread

    Just under a month til start time season 5!!:lotsalove: So here's the place for all you Lost fans to come and hang out away from "the others" on this board.:rofl3: And here is my all time favorite Lostie, Mr Eko! Tell them Mr. Eko let you live!
  15. Hockeynut

    profile picture.

    I was told I look fat in my profile pic. What do you think?
  16. Hockeynut

    August 11th, 2003

    5 years ago today, Herb Brooks was killed in a car accident just 7 miles south of my home. I drove by that accident not knowing who it was, and found out when I got home. Herb was on a short list of people I always wanted to meet. For those of you asking,"Who the hell is he talking about?" Herb...
  17. Hockeynut

    Happy Birthday Sandshaker!!!

    Happy Birthday!:hb2::hb2::birthday::birthday::balloon:balloon:balloon:balloon:balloon
  18. Hockeynut

    Wing and backplate

    Do you have to have a single tank adaptor with a venture wing?
  19. Hockeynut

    Straits Scuba?

    It appears I will be in St Ignace this summer for a couple days. Does anyone have an e-mail or anything for Straits Scuba?
  20. Hockeynut

    My dive buddy

    I bought a new dive buddy. His name is Dave. He's a 40cf pony. I named him dave after hurley's imaginary friend on Lost. Now if I go solo and someone asks who I'm going diving with, I'll just say "Dave." :14:
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