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  1. Pearlman

    Purchasing Dive gear in the Maldives?

    I am planning a dive vacation not going for work. Will check with the dive operator I book with once the plans are finalised - that’s a good idea. I am wary of purchasing online because I want to try the size and fit before I buy. Hence the idea of shopping on a dive trip. With the covid...
  2. Pearlman

    Tusa t-wing review?

    Hello I am looking at this rig as it’s the only reasonably priced option available in my country. Would like some owner feedback now that you must have used it on a few dives. Thanks!
  3. Pearlman

    Purchasing Dive gear in the Maldives?

    Not the airport but shops in the city… ( perhaps a missing comma confused the message).
  4. Pearlman

    Purchasing Dive gear in the Maldives?

    Ok. Purchasing in my home country is not an option due to ridiculously exorbitant pricing. Hence the post. What about in Male where the touchdown airport is?
  5. Pearlman

    Purchasing Dive gear in the Maldives?

    Hi Folks I didn’t see a thread on anything but diving so opening this thread. I am looking at buying either of RK3 or Scubapro Nova fins and perhaps my first backplate mount setup like Mares XR Single or the Xdeep Zen for example. Just an initial short list of models/brands but happy to look at...
  6. Pearlman

    Body recovered - Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park, Borneo

    Maybe they were freediving? That would explain the short interval...
  7. Pearlman

    Is this a Foxtail Rabbitfish?

    Is this one a peralspotted or foxtail rabbitfish? Or Neither? Indonesia, about 20m depth...
  8. Pearlman

    Local diver fatality - Dumaguete City, Philippines

    So he had no DAN insurance? Would that have helped?
  9. Pearlman

    Difficulty level of emergency rescue diver?

    Like the others have said - its too early and you are overthinking where you want to get to. Switch into "experience-it" mode from "wanna-do-it" mode and and just ensure you plan multiple dive vacations over the next few years - don't do a vacation that does not involve diving. Get to a 75-100...
  10. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    So that set me thinking - what prevents different fish from cross-breeding once the eggs are spawned? In this example a Starry Grouper could have fertilized a Lyretail Groupers eggs or vice versa to give a starry-lyretail?
  11. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Yes, true. The Reef Fish book has a few examples that look like the fish in my video but the tail was rounded - otherwise unlike your examples both Starry and Freckled look similar in the book. This one has a Lyretail and white saddles - possibly a minor variation not documented. So the only...
  12. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Anyways grouper it is .. just needed something to caption my video on instagram. Thanks folks!
  13. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Possibly a Freckled Grouper...
  14. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Trying to ID this fish (not the bannerfish but the slender fish). Location - Indonesia, Depth - approx 20m. Thanks!
  15. Pearlman

    GoPro 9 housing issues

    Two housings both nearing the point of failure at that depth - How much do you or the readers trust GoPro's UW housing manufacturing vendor now? I guess - You could probably risk it if your diving is local where you can return home over a weekend trip and go again easily if your camera is...
  16. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Thank you. That must be it! Cheers
  17. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    They are just one type of fish as far as I can tell. This was taken in Indonesia prolly around 20-25m depth.
  18. Pearlman

    Which fish is this?

    Hey Folks Attaching a screengrab. Help me ID this. Thanks!
  19. Pearlman

    Dive Video Data Overlay

    All good for a video sequence that is linear from start time to finish. But I find that this seldom make for great video edits and my UW videos tend to have clips randomly arranged based on my creative process during the edit. Then the readings jumping timestamps forwards and backwards makes no...
  20. Pearlman

    Diving with a mild bleeding disorder

    I would imagine a Dive Insurance company has to be ready to insure you for DCS or related complications - knowing your history?
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