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  1. Moonie

    Inquiring minds want to know

    Inquiring minds want to know what was your favorite underwater moment and your favorite topside moment from the Invasion? :confused:
  2. Moonie

    2014 T Shirt Tease

    We've been busy working on designs for the 2014 ScubaBoard Invasion to Roatan and I gets the pleasure of unveiling them to you. Check them out, but no voting now. :no: We'll vote on them at a future time. I'm gonna count em down backwards, one at a time. I just love a good tease! Tee Hee...
  3. Moonie

    2012 Cozumel Invasion Video

    Well the 2012 Invasion is over and all we're left with is the memories, So enjoy! 12OsSh-iOts Thanks again to our Hosts, Sponsors and all the ScubaBoard Invaders!
  4. Moonie

    Cozumel Invasion 2011 - Thanks For The Memories

    Hello Everyone, LULU and I are really excited about the 2012 Invasion and were looking thur last years Invasion Pics. We recurited Roxanne & Cardzard to help us make a video. I know we didn't get everyone in it, butt these were all the pics we could beg and borrow :eyebrow: If you have pics...
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