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  1. divin'dog

    Rockport…it begins again

    It is... There is also a prophecy for the East coast to fall into the ocean too...
  2. divin'dog

    Rockport…it begins again

    I looked up the prophecy of a great earth quake that is supposed to happen in the future. Much of NE will fall off and be underwater. Looked at the new formation of the east coast... I will be living on waterfront property! You all are invited to dive off my property if you can wait long enough. :)
  3. divin'dog

    Rockport…it begins again

    “We don’t want to own the beach so we can exclude people,” said Rauseo, 80. “We just want a better situation as far as the town respecting us, rather than harassing us.” Basically, it's about "respect" and control of public land... Not about freedom or rightful access to the ocean.
  4. divin'dog

    Looking for a new primary light?

    Have you looked at the Xtar D26 1600? Very bright with a 26650 battery. 3 different settings and easy to use. 6" long. I love it. Very dependable and very well made.
  5. divin'dog

    Fin color?

    Yellow Mares Avanti Quattros... I like to be seen and I like to see my buddy, esp when it really matters in murky water or difficult situations. That's when my buddy appreciates my yellow fins... I also have a yellow mask.
  6. divin'dog

    Don't know what happened

    Well, you opened a can of worms with this thread... Good for you to ask. Thick skin will get you through this but think about what some of the well experienced divers are telling you. They're experienced for a reason. As for #1 in your reply, forget about the 2 teens in that dive. Move on...
  7. divin'dog

    Aqualung Legend vs Scubapro?

    I had a SP A700 with MK17 at the insistence of my LDS... Hated it. Would never breathe properly. Had it sent back to SP 2x for service and inspection. Could never get it working right. Would breathe fine when my head was down, but as soon as I picked my head up to look forward, the breathing...
  8. divin'dog

    I’m an old diver.

    Keep going Fred. Don't ever stop...
  9. divin'dog

    Cancelled/postponed trips due to COVID - please share your outcomes

    I was scheduled on the Arenui to Komodo for the middle of July... Trip organizer called and wanted my thoughts. I figured with the way things were going (this was a couple weeks ago) that even if we could leave on a flight out of the US, getting to Indonesia might not be possible. So through the...
  10. divin'dog

    Entry-level Computer with a depth alarm and conservative algorithm

    As for Deep Stops within NDL, some computers will ask you to set up a deep stop, which is different than a decompression stop. If you do a deep dive (whatever that is), some computers will allow you to do a "deep stop" at certain depth (~ half depth) to slow down your ascent and "off gas". I...
  11. divin'dog

    Entry-level Computer with a depth alarm and conservative algorithm

    Suunto is a conservative computer. Probably what you're looking for. I've owned a couple of them. That being said, the latest Suunto computers are not for me. Too conservative. The first Suunto I owned (SME ML) was based on old recreational/Navy tables and it was fine for all of my dives (~200)...
  12. divin'dog

    "humm" with moderate breathing on land Aqualung 2nd

    I have an Aqualung Legend... It hums/honks when dry but underwater, it is fine. I did read somewhere that the humming/honnking is due to too much pressure biting down on the mouthpiece. I tried not biting down. Guess what? No humming/honking... At least for me. Don't understand it but it worked...
  13. divin'dog

    What are your favorite type of dives

    Some of my most favorite dives weren't in exotic far away places... They were in fact in the cold waters of NE... while solo. Not so much what I saw, but I'm just diving peacefully through the water. Just me and the bubbles. I'm dialed in with weights and trim. The water is clear (pretty rare...
  14. divin'dog

    Serious question, Nitrox and extended erections

    ...Breathing Nitrox. Wow! That really looks like a nice place.
  15. divin'dog

    Serious question, Nitrox and extended erections

    As a resurrected thread, I didn't want to post here, but it was hard not to...
  16. divin'dog

    Serious question, Nitrox and extended erections

    I can see that it doesn't take much to entertain us here on SB...
  17. divin'dog

    Serious question, Nitrox and extended erections

    Ya mean like getting stuck between a rock and a hard place?
  18. divin'dog

    Serious question, Nitrox and extended erections

    Hmmmm.... Well, the OP's husband would disagree...
  19. divin'dog

    PADI Beyond Master Scuba Diver

    Would like a specialty where you dive, dive, dive... Then dive some more.
  20. divin'dog

    Dropping a spool

    Ayup! I dropped spool... In Palau... In a current... Only in 25ft of water, but it unraveled and on the bottom was lots of stag horn coral. Yes, it was a mess. Yes, I felt stooopid. But my buddy was good enough to help me round it up... And didn't make me feel stooopid. Then I dropped it again...
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