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  1. wardric

    Suunto SDM 1,6

    Hi everyone, I know I will sound like a dinosaur but has anyone still got the Suunto SDM 1,6 software that I could download? Can't find it on Suunto's website. Also, are my old files compatible with the new software or is a conversion of some sort needed? Have had a pause from diving lately...
  2. wardric

    Transplate, transpack , or basic harness and why

    Hi everyone, I want to use a backplate for numerous reasons. Now, what do you recommend between the many options dive rite offers? and why would it be better? I dont do cave or wreck diving, I am not very flexible altough working on it, and I dive about 50 times a year. I do mostly...
  3. wardric

    diving after brain surgery

    Hello everyone, I'm writing for my good friend and dive buddy who had some bad news recently. The doctors annouced him that he had a brain tumor. The good news is that the surgery to remove it was successfull but the bad news is that the pathology revealed, a week later, that it was a...
  4. wardric

    Invasion of Cuba

    Cuba resisted as much as possible but could not stand against such a fierce enemy. Invasion has started and it doesnt seem anything can stop it. next are some pictures of the invaders.
  5. wardric

    copyright sign and name on pictures

    Anyone knows a tip for protecting the copyrights on pictures we put on Scubaboard, photobucket, facebook and so on? Any simple freeware that could do that for a photoshoping illiterate like me? Thanks
  6. wardric

    Happy birthday Riguerin

    Happy birthday Rick :balloons: have some but be carefull of the Hangover Monster ;)
  7. wardric

    CFL grey cup champions

    woohoo!!! The Montreal Alouettes just won the Grey cup!!!! The cup is finally coming back home :D
  8. wardric

    Scubaboard in Cuba... again

    There's a new Scubaboard sticker in Cuba. For the 4th time, I left an SB mark at a new location on the Island, this time near Cienfuegos. This was my 6th trip actually. this was our dive boat and i didn't forget to leave a mark on it also So now, if you...
  9. wardric

    It's Riguerin's birthday!!!!!

    Happy birthday Rick my friend! :balloons: I wish you all the tequila, meszcal and mexican beer you can drink. (now where is TC so I can copy/paste his smileys :D) oh, there he is... :balloons: :bounce3: :grinjester: :party: :hb2: :birthday: :icecream2: :boxjester: :jazzband...
  10. wardric

    Sarah Palin gets pranked by 2 french canadians

    Two Quebec humorists just pranked Sarah Palin. In the past, they got Paul McCartney, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, french presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac and many other famous persons but this seems to be one of their best victim and just a few days before the elections. They are...
  11. wardric

    It's Letterboy's B-day

    :balloons:Hapi Beurthday Jhon :balloons:
  12. wardric

    Who would you like to dive with?

    If you had to choose one person you admire to dive with, who would it be? You can mention many names but at the end, you have to chose just one. It can be a known person or not, from this era or a previous one. No choice is wrong, altough it has to be someone who already dives though (or...
  13. wardric

    299th dive !!!

    Just completed my 299th logged dive today! :D I was with a friend who started diving recently. Still as exciting as ever.
  14. wardric

    Canon A590 IS

    Hi, has anyone tried the Canon A590 IS for UW photography? If so, what were the results?
  15. wardric


  16. wardric

    Which regulator do you own?

    This is adressed to cold water divers but WWW are also invited to answer. which regulator do you own and why is it the best? My old 1994 Dacor is about to be useless due to lack of parts availability and I just wanna see what are the options for a 99% deep and cold water diver like me.
  17. wardric

    upgrade from A-75

    I had a lot of fun with my Canon A75 but I think it's time for me to upgrade (especially since i'll have to send it for repair anyway) What is the equivalent today for the A75 but with better resolution? How about the A590 IS?
  18. wardric

    Biddeford dive

    I want to thank Spectrum for the great dive we did last july in Fortune's Rock. I had great pleasure in seeing all those lobstahs ;), crabs, flounder and all. I was glad we could do an ocean dive because landlocked as I am, diving lakes 12 months a year, I wasn't too excited about doing a...
  19. wardric

    Maine diving

    I'll be in Maine next week for my annual family pilgrimage. I'll be staying (as I have for the last 30 years) in Saco (Camp Ellis) Maine. I was wondering if anyone would like to dive near that area. I will bring all my equipement as always but I have yet to dive once in that wonderfull...
  20. wardric

    Sunken plane to surface after 50 years in a Quebec lake

    here's a link Sunken plane to surface after 50 years in Quebec lake and an article from last year Divers find plane, ending 50-year mystery
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