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    Never drive faster than 60 mph on the hiway. Stay in the right lane and save...
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    Instructor removed unresponsive from pool - Queensland, Australia

    Got over the paywall with a nice ladder... Man fighting for life after being pulled from Tobruk Pool
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    Lobster diving fatality - Gaviota, California
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    One missing, eight rescued after boat sinks - Koh Noo, Thailand
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    Girl Scout saves panicked diver
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    Sensorcon CO testers for $99

    Wow, such a nice deal. Any diver can afford $99 to avoid a hit. You have to wonder how many Travelers Flu cases were really hits, not to mention diver drownings. Go to Sensorcon The last time mine came up for biennial battery and sensor replacement, I caught a special like this and just bought...
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    Crayfish season opening day fatality - Betty’s Bay, South Africa
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    British nurse lost on dive - Red Sea
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    Jamaica Defence Force diver drowns inspecting ship
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    Lake Travis diver medevaced - Austin, Texas

    1 airlifted with ‘potentially serious injuries’ after Austin scuba diving incident
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    Red flag Playa del Carmen fatality - Mexico

    Playa del Carmen is across the channel from Cozumel.
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    Kaupo Beach fatality - Oahu, Hawaii
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    250 divers rescue man after 50+ hours - Brecon Beacons, Wales

    I cannot tell if he did any diving to get in as the story is about the rescue. He was cave dive trained.
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    Another cucumber diver dead - Solomon Islands

    No cause was given. I suspect a blackout event.
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    Two dead at DaXing spring cave, China

    There is very little available about this online with all of the existing barriers. It was announced on Facebook, and one poster is said to have the official report in PDF in Chinese. Anyone got anything more on this?
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    Spearfishing fatality - Layi Beach, Thailand
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    Golfball diving fatality - County Antrim, Ireland
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    Diver missing - Longstone Island, England

    Those Royal National Lifeboats and crews are amazing. All charity. Since the RNLI was founded in 1824, its lifeboat crews and lifeguards have saved over 142,700 lives. Still, it would help if divers carried PLBs...
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    Army diver lost - Huesca, Spain
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    Bergen County diver recovered off of Long Beach Island, New Jersey
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