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    Advice Please: Is Poseidon Odin Worth Repair Cost?

    Dive and Sea Sports in New Westminster is the only place I know of that services that brand.
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    Missing Britannia Beach Diver

    If my choice of words was indelicate, then I apologize. We all react differently to tragedy, and my response is usually to pick at it until it makes sense. I may have let my frustration that so little reliable information has been released pertaining to this incident get the best of me. My...
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    Missing Britannia Beach Diver

    I don't mean to be insensitive, but this story is heavy on pathos and light on facts. He set out with a buddy that day, and yet the events that lead to his death are a mystery. Where was his buddy?
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    Shearwater Petrel vs. xDeep Black

    Do you mean Eneloop? Love those. I've been using the same handful of AA's and AAA's around the house for thirteen years.
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    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    Like many here, I am in shock over this. She almost always found the time to set a rookie straight in a gentle and respectful way. I cannot count the times I found her input helpful. She was a pillar of this community. I am so very sorry for your loss.
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    This Light Rocks!

    Does anyone know what LED they're using? I treat my gear like my food; I want to know what's in it.
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    This Light Rocks!

    Does anyone know which LED the LX20 uses? I think I would have to see that to believe it. LEDs have many advantages but I love HID for its raw brightness.
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    Pony bottle question

    I've got to agree with you there. +1 I use a 100 for back gas, not an 80, making my reserve 40% of my primary supply. So really our proportions are not that far apart. I have seen divers without ponies take up way more deck space than they need to. Poor gear management can hardly be blamed...
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    Pony bottle question

    Personally I wouldn't bother investing in tanks that small, since the depths for which they would be useful emergency supplies would be so limited IMO. Using Lewis' figures from the article I cited, a 6cu ft tank has slightly more than enough capacity for a 5-minute safety stop at 15', and...
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    Pony bottle question

    I found this very helpful when making the same decision: Bottom line: a by-the-book emergency ascent from the recreational dive limit (40m) requires approximately 25cu ft of gas...
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    Buoyancy 101

    You may find The Six Skills and Other Discussions by Steve Lewis to be a useful reference for theory. There is no substitute for working with a competent and experienced instructor, and even that will make little difference without practice, practice, practice.
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    How many actually use diver buoy or surface marker buoy?

    Um... Wow. I ran the gamut from laughter, to horror and foreboding, to relief that he just gave it up.
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    How many actually use diver buoy or surface marker buoy?

    I take an smb and spool on every dive, whether from a boat or from shore. Usually I deploy it from my safety stop regardless of whether I'm in an area where boats are not allowed. This is practice for times when it really comes in handy, like when I'm making an ascent from an underwater...
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    Question Panic in the experienced diver?

    There's no way that was easy to write. Thank you.
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    BARE new drysuit

    Hehe, the product overview includes the word "technical" four times; twice per sentence. Ah, marketing.
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    Buddies kept grabbing/pulling me to ascend faster than computer said was safe

    If another diver tried to pull me up against my will, and wouldn't back off, I would view that as an assault and respond accordingly.
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    Worst Scuba Related Purchase!

    Before I got certified, I purchased two vouchers for training at an LDS on a groupon-style site. I had checked out how much the shop's classes cost and the vouchers looked like a good deal, but it has long since become clear to me that it was just a cunning means of getting me to commit to that...
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    Are dry gloves kosher?

    Dry gloves + dry glove failure = wet gloves.
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