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Proceedings of The Advanced Scientific Diving Workshop 2021-11-28

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The following linked document is from the Proceedings of The Advanced Scientific Diving Workshop 2006 in Washington D.C.

The workshop conducted an in-depth discussion of decompression physiology which included many facets of this issue such as oxygen toxicity and decompression sickness, operational considerations for mixed-gas diving as well as a survey of thermal preservation tactics. In another session, discussion and attention is given to many aspects of commercial diving including the use of surface supplied diving systems. In the latter discussion, operational comparisons are made based on experience gained in the field. Discussion is not just confined to commercial diving. Scientific diving is discussed and in examples given using open-circuit scuba diving systems. Discussion then moves to mixed gas diving use in sport divers.

The workshop will be of interest to scuba divers, technical divers as well as commercial divers. History buffs, like myself will enjoy the history on scientific diving. Those who like history and are scientists, will benefit the most.

Enjoy and be safe.
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