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I’ve tried most of these and the scopolamine patches are the only thing that works for me. Wish I would’ve found them before we got rid of our boat! 😂
Nice summary. Oral scopolamine is also sold a Quells (Bayer Pharma) and is available OTC in the UK and Australia (probably other countries too). I've been able to purchase this through eBay

Can you share why you didn't mention Zofran (ONDANSETRON HCL)? I've found it extremely effective but expensive as a prescription medicine. I believe it is the 'go-to' drug for USN Seals
Very clever. It would be interesting to see examples for open circuit checklists, in the DIY forum perhaps. This is an idea that should go viral!
This is fantastic, Mike. Thank you! Already working on getting a prescription from my GP for Scopolamine transderm patches.
Not totally new information (had to learn a lot of it through painful experience), but it's a very comprehensive article and spot-on, based on my experience. Much appreciated!
Thank you for this.
I'm speechless. Every diver from a newbie to an old salt will learn important information. Thanks Doc.
Thanks so much!
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