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    Port Closed!

    Was that nasal or cheek and did you have an appointment?
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    Port Closed!

    My Samsung phone sure figured it out this am, and I am on airplane mode. My home screen shows 723 local time and now 623 home time in Chicago. Little breezey on the north end but I have seen a couple of fishing pangas go by already.
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    November Roll Call

    We are heading down Nov4-13 staying in a condo as usual and likely diving with Aldora.
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    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    You still have to wear masks in public. Curfew is still in play late at night and restaurants still have capacity limits. Most places you go to eat will give you hand sanitizer as soon as you walk in and some will take your temp.
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    Question regarding AA into Cozumel

    We just flew AA first down there and United 1st home yesterday. 70 lbs per bag is correct. We bring 2 and one has my equipment that makes it weigh over 60lbs but I don't need a 2nd bag. If you are flying on a Saturday out of CZM, the priority checkin is a major perk. Your bags will have priority...
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    On-Line customs and Immigration Form

    Not all the time anymore. The last 3 or 4 flights I have been on have not had them. So then you have to fill them out in CZM.
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    On-Line customs and Immigration Form

    I believe you have to put Cancun in that box. That is what we have done in the past.
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    Public Apology to Scuba Life

    Good on you for the recant and apology. That is an art lost on the internet these days.
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    Cozumel Whale Shark Tour

    Would the 10% off apply to the private trip as well?
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    Thank you for 19 years!!!!

    Man I will miss heading to the pier and hopping on Shamu or Bandita and seeing Pedro. I wish you all the luck in the world on your next steps. Thank to you and the crew for teaching me to be a better diver, the great world of backplates, the many friends I have made on your boats and for more...
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    Blue XT~Sea and COVID-19

    Sorry to hear you have had to do this. I hope Pedro, Santos, Martin and everybody else stay healthy and that this is a short blip for all.
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    Shark Population

    I think for a tourist diver only coming down once or twice a year it is tough to tell if it has changed, as sighting are luck of the draw. Last year in 7 dives and 8 1/2 hours under water I did not see one shark, this year with the same number of dives and time underwater I saw at least 5 or 6...
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    Aqua Safari Pier Accident

    I saw on facebook that a wave collapsed the Arch at the end of the pier, Apparently striking a DM working at the end of the pier. Does anybody have any more info?
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    Think the Port will be Closed Sat & Sun?

    Does the east component of the North wind on Saturday help? I would think, in my novice way, that the wind being out of the northeast should be able to allow for diving, except maybe up north.
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    Air fare bargains are appearing

    Where and when?
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