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    Nusa Penida mola mola or Komodo

    I'm 100% certain of that. :p
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    Nusa Penida mola mola or Komodo

    Do what I did and waste money. I was heading to Komodo a few years ago during August so I added on two days of diving in Bali at the end just for the chance to see my first mola mola. I had to prepay for the Bali portion too, so you know what that guarantees.... we had a great experience with a...
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    Similan day trip from Phuket

    Just curious, Victor, what sites did you go to in the Similans? I would expect that Koh Bon, Koh Tachi and the sites near the actual Similan islands (and Richelieu, if you count that) would be quite different from each other.
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    Best diving location in Thailand?

    Well I'll disagree with this post - the writer must be crazy! At Koh Tachi yesterday, we spent two dives with 6 of the friendliest oceanic mantas who would hang out just meters from us. We could see at least two of them at a time the entire dive. After two dives with mantas before that at Koh...
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    Liveaboard (ambon - Banda - Naira - Ambon ) October 2016

    This seems like an advertisement, but I could be wrong.
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    Highly recommended...Blue Manta at Raja Ampat

    It's definitely not a budget boat but it's priced between the Indo Siren / WAOW and the Dewi Nusantara. White gloves are expensive for everyone but budget boats work for plenty of people too. :p
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    Best diving location in Thailand?

    Richelieu Rock. Today, we had the best dives I've ever done there with incredible viz and more fish on a single site than I've ever seen (including at Sipadan, Raja Ampat and Komodo). The best part was that there were only three boats there as every headed to Koh Tachi to see a couple of mantas...
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    8.2 Earthquake off of Indonesia! tsunami warning!

    In Khao Lak there was a 4 meter wave from the quake as reported by business owners. Most locals and many tourists headed for the hills as soon as the alarms went off. They take these things seriously around here now. I haven't seen or heard about any damage but I haven't been that close to the...
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    Calling Force Fin Customers in Singapore

    I can help you out considerably by reducing your odd pairs down to only one set if you want to trade. I do this only to help out a fellow diver. :p
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    Calling Force Fin Customers in Singapore

    Funny; I never really ever look at any posts outside the Asian Regional forum but clicking one link accidentally brought me here. My wife also has a pair of original FF that she could let someone use in a pool or on a local Singapore / Malaysia trip without a problem. Too late for sure but I'd...
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    Raja Ampat: Arenui vs. Damai II vs. Mermaid I

    Also to be fair, the Blue Manta takes 18 guests, rather than 22, on normal trips. As with most the other ships mentioned, we will allow more on a charter. The ship has 28 beds spaces in 14 cabins but still only takes up to 22 guests (including the FOC agents) on charters. The other beds on all...
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    Komodo Dive Center

    Insert rolling eyes emoji here: :rolleyes:
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    Diving/volunteer work

    I could be wrong but you're more likely to find day trips with 3 dives per day at best. 4 might be possible but 6? Good luck. That said, I only have a little experience with day trips from Phuket and Krabi. I'm more often on a LOB out of Khao Lak where 4 dives per day is the norm.
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    DM course in Raja Ampat?

    I would be surprised if you found something there but good luck.
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    Top dive spots -- worth it?

    The main reason for e is that Misool is still a large area and I hate commuting to dive sites. I don't want to spend 3-4 hours (or possibly more) a day in a loud bouncing speedboat going back and forth to dive sites when I could be getting a massage, having a nap, eating a nice meal, chatting...
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